Monday, December 21, 2015

Gifts From My KTTW "Mom"

I've mentioned that my Key to the World travel agent friends are the best.  They really are.  From always being some of the first of my friends to like and comment on my Facebook posts, to sending me special birthday wishes, to laughing and joking in our private group page, to messaging me just to say hi.  They're my extended family.  We might not see each other often, however, it's like they're always close by.

Another example- receiving gifts from my friend and Key to the World "Mom".  Wanda was the first KTTW member I met at KeyCon 2014.  She met me in the lobby at Pop Century, and we became fast friends.  At some point during the trip, she dubbed herself my "KTTW Mom" and it's stuck ever since.  (Pictured on the left below.)

Recently, Wanda went to Walt Disney World during the Christmas celebrations.  I asked her if she could get me a shirt I really liked when the Disney Store website was out of my size.  She sought out the shirt, let me know she found it and sent it to me upon her return home.  When I asked Wanda how much I owed her, she said I owe her nothing and that it's a Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Congrats on Your New House shirt.  She made my day with her generous gift and the shirt is absolutely stunning.

The other day, Wanda and I were talking online and she was busy making Christmas cookies.  She hinted that she might send a few to us, but I didn't want her to feel like she had to send us anything.  Sure enough, a few days later we received a box in the mail!  Wanda sent Eliot and me a box full of homemade Christmas cookies and treats!

The treats are delicious and I'm trying to behave myself by not eating them all in one sitting.  (So far so good!)  It means so much knowing that Wanda made them all by hand.  Homemade treats are made with extra pixie dust and love!  I'm blessed to have such a wonderful Key To The World Mom looking out for me!

Thank you Wanda!  You truly are the best!  And I owe you big time!!!  °o°

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