Friday, December 18, 2015

Fun Find: Disney Christmas Gift Tags

Christmas is exactly one week from today!!!  I hope your holiday shopping is going better than mine!  Eliot and I are in pretty good shape, but I still have a few more things to do!  Of course, once the gifts are purchased, we still have to wrap them.  We have a huge selection of Disney wrapping paper; what I really need is some gift tags.  Luckily for me, today's Fun Find Friday is for just that: Disney Christmas gift tags!

About a year ago, I spotted these Disney Princess gift tags on the Oh My Disney blog page.  I thought they were really cute and I still do!  I absolutely love the style.

Photo Source: Oh My Disney
They're perfect for the princess in your life.  They're also neutral so you could use them for birthdays, engagement, wedding or baby shower gifts too!

Photo Source: Oh My Disney
If the Disney Princesses are not your cup of tea, here's another Christmas gift tag option of Mickey and friends from Disney Family.  (Download from their site here.)

Photo Source: Disney Family
I love how this has a large selection of tags in various shapes with all six members of the Mickey Mouse Club.  They're really cute!!!  Plus, Daisy is even on one of them!

Photo Source: Disney Family
If you don't have Christmas gift tags ready, this is the perfect solution.  All you need to do is print them on some card stock and cut them out.  Then, they'll be ready to tape to your gifts, or attach them with a ribbon!  Enjoy Disney friends!!!  °o°


  1. These are adorable! This year I have gift cards that are recycled from last year's Christmas cards, but maybe I'll try these next year!

    1. That's a great idea too! I'm always looking for more gift tags, so I'm glad to have found these!!! It's an endless supply!!! :-)