Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Counting the Days...

As I mentioned a few days ago, I'm gearing up for another trip to Disneyland in about two weeks for the Pearls in the Park cocktail party.  (Only 16 more days!!!)

I'm so incredibly excited to have a girls weekend with a few of my close Key to the World Travel friends!  I first met Tara and Linda at KeyCon 2014 where we became good friends.  We reconnected and hung out at Universal during KeyCon 2015 and even had a few dining reservations together at Walt Disney World afterwards.

What I didn't know when they first asked me to join them, was that neither of them had ever been to Disneyland!  (I guess that makes me the unofficial tour guide?)  Not only am I excited to go again during the Disneyland 60th celebration but I'm so excited to share this experience with them!  It's going to be awesome!!!

There's going to be a lot of "firsts" for me this trip.  I think I'm most excited to stay at the Disneyland Hotel!  I've got my own room; I can't wait to see the light up headboard.  I'm also looking forward to swimming in the pool!  We also have a few dinner reservations to places I probably wouldn't go with Eliot.  He's not very adventurous when it comes to food so I'm really excited about that!  Blue Bayou, I'm (finally) coming for you!!!

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Finally, Spring Dapper Day and the Dapper Day Expo are taking place this same weekend.  For someone who never thought they'd ever get to go to a Dapper Day, I've hit the nail on the head two times in a row.  Eliot and I never made it to Hollywood Studios for Fall Dapper Day at WDW, so this time, I'm definitely going.  Who knows when and if I'll ever make it to Disneyland Dapper Day again.  Plus, it seems more fitting for my first Dapper Day outing to be at the place that started it all.  I can't wait!!!

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For now, I work really hard on pre-trip prep!  I've got a few orders for Pearls in the Park themed ears as well as a few Happily Ever Hatter Etsy orders.  I'm also trying to get my Pearls in the Park, Dapper Day and park outfits put together!  I think it's going to be a stylish trip!  (If all goes as planned.)  I know it's certainly going to be a fun one!  °o°

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