Thursday, April 7, 2016

Quick Update

Hi friends!  I'm sorry I've been missing all week.  April has proven to be incredibly busy for us so far.  Here's a super quick recap of what we've been up to:

Saturday, we enjoyed an ice cream filled celebration for Nadia's second birthday.  Eliot and I joined my Mom, Nana, cousin Matt, his wife Samara and a few others to celebrate.  We really enjoyed it... almost as much as Nadia enjoyed her new bicycle.

Afterwards, Eliot and I went to the mall to hang out.  We haven't been in a while and we figured we'd walk off all the goodies we consumed at the party.  We ended up buying "a few" new Pop figures, but in our defense, all of the Frozen ones were on sale!  Eliot also got a new R2D2 backpack and Stitch socks at Hot Topic.

Sunday, we stayed home to work around the house.  Eliot got most of my dresser put together and I poked around here and there organizing and cleaning stuff.  Of course, I made time to enjoy watching Once Upon a Time before heading to bed!

The beginning of this week was a blur.  I worked Monday-Wednesday; it was really busy with late nights.  (Eliot didn't even leave work until 10:30 Tuesday.)  Wednesday was also my Nana's birthday.  It sounds like she had a great day!

Today, I've been working on Happily Ever Hatter orders all day.  I've been cutting out a lot of small pieces, hence why I had to take a quick break for my eyes.  I'm going back to work in a little bit!  I also took a few minutes to admire my fabric mail!  I can't wait to get working on these new designs once I get the rest of my supplies!

Tomorrow, I'll be finalizing my post for a blog hop.  I'm happy to announce that I'm doing another Disney Pixar Blog Hop this Saturday!  You can see my past hop projects here and here.  This time I'm making a simple spring project- which is very appropriate because this past week we keep getting snow and rain!

Finally, tomorrow evening, Eliot and I are traveling north to visit my parents.  It's going to be a fun filled weekend.  Saturday we're going to Emery's birthday party.  We're also planning to celebrate Nana's birthday while we're home.  Also exciting for Eliot and me- we're taking a break from cleaning, organizing and painting for a weekend!  It'll be a nice little break before we come home and get back to work!  °o°

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