Friday, April 8, 2016

Put On Your Sunday Best!

It's time for the BIG announcement I've been dying to share with you... put on your Sunday best because I'm coming to Disneyland in less than three weeks!!!

Confession: I've wanted to share this news with you for quite some time.  I've actually known about it since I wrote my "There is Magic" post.  I wrote most of that post after getting off the phone with my Mom.  I had called to tell her that there was a private event my travel company was putting on at Disneyland and that a few of my Key to the World girlfriends had asked me to attend with them.

I didn't plan on going.  In fact, when asked, I told people I wasn't.  It's a long way to Disneyland from Maine.  Too far to go to an event that lasts one night.  Not to mention, Eliot and I are going out to California for a week in June to celebrate Elissa's high school graduation.  We're planning to spend multiple days at Disneyland.  This was a quick weekend away and it seemed like too much for us to attempt to swing.

I told my mother about the event anyways.  I wasn't asking for anything; I just wanted to tell her about it and ask her opinion if it was worth me trying to scrape up the money to go.  Eliot and I have already got a lot going on this year travel wise, and this seemed like a pipe dream.  I have to admit that what happened next left me in a bit of shock.

My Mom told me to go, and that she and my Dad would pay for my trip.  Flights, hotel, event tickets, theme park tickets, all covered.  She told me that I've been busting my butt the past few years- from working at a job I basically despised, to moving to Maine, to starting Happily Ever Hatter, to finding my chiropractic job, passing my chiropractic assistant licensing exam, to finding, buying and moving into our new house, to all of the painting, unpacking and (never-ending) settling in and organizing.  She told me I'd earned a weekend getaway to go and have fun with some of my girlfriends.

Here I sat after that phone call... trying not to cry from happiness, scream with joy or pop like a bubble with excitement.  (Confession: I did all three.)

My parents have always gone above and beyond for Jeremy and me.  They have also continued to do whatever they can to help Eliot and me- from moving, housework, painting, etc.  They've always been proud of all of us kids, and they spoil us all rotten.  

But this meant so much more to me.  I've had a lot of ups and downs the past few years since I graduated college.  This was like a moment of clarity that everything is finally going in the direction I've wanted it to.  Now is a time for me to celebrate all of the accomplishments I've achieved, and to move forward to the next chapter!

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So, without further ado, I'm happy to announce that I will be attending Key to the World Travel and Disneyland Prep's "Pearls in the Park" cocktail party event April 29th.  I'll be spending the weekend playing tour guide at the Disneyland Resort with a few of my Key to the World girl friends, eating good food, soaking up the Disneyland 60th celebration and making magical memories.  Finally, I was incredibly excited when I realized I will be at the Disneyland Resort during the Dapper Day events!  Put on your Sunday best, because there really is magic, and this Cinderella is going to the ball.  °o°

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