Monday, August 29, 2016

Elissa's College Move-In Day!!!

Yesterday was the day!  Elissa is officially living at University of New England!!!  These past few days have been a blur and a rollercoaster of emotions.  Eliot and I have really enjoyed having her stay with us.  And we're excited for what the school year will bring!

Thursday night, we picked Elissa up from the airport.  Her flight landed as scheduled this time around.  We took a few pictures and grabbed her luggage.  Then, we went over to Walmart to get some food, a few snacks and to do a preliminary scan of the college dorm stuff.  We got home late and Eliot and I went to bed.

Friday, Elissa and I hung out at our house.  Still being on California time, she stayed up a bit later than us, so she slept in.  I got a bunch of computer stuff done while she was asleep.  Then, she and I got ready and drove into town to do a little school shopping at Target.  We must have been there for a long time because the next thing we knew, Eliot was out of work and driving over to meet us there.  We paid for her school supplies and then took her to Long Horn for a macaroni and cheese welcome dinner!

On Saturday, we all slept in.  Once we were all up and moving, Eliot and I took Elissa over to Funtown Splashtown for a little bit of summer fun before school started.  The park was busy, but the lines were still reasonable.  Eliot and Elissa went on a few rollercoasters together.  Then, they split an order of nachos while I had churros.  After, we went to the waterpark for the last hour it was open.  (Elissa opted out- instead choosing to watch from a picnic table in the shade.)  Eliot and I went down three of the waterslides together before I went to relax in the pool.  Eliot met up with me a few minutes later and we swam around until it was closing time.

After we dried off, Elissa, Eliot and I got Dippin Dots ice cream sundaes.  I got a birthday cake flavored sundae with sprinkles and it was amazing.  We hung out for a bit while eating our ice creams, then afterwards, we made our way home.  Eliot and I took showers and then we all watched Descendants before heading to bed early.

Elissa didn't have to check in at UNE until 3:00 so we slept in a little bit Sunday.  She started to organize her school supplies while Eliot and I loaded everything into our cars.  We all got ready and then we went to Amato's for lunch.  After, we still had a little bit of time so Eliot swung by his work and Elissa and I went to Michael's.

Finally, it was time to head over to campus.  We got Elissa all checked in and then we went to her room.  Her roommates had already been there and were both set up for the most part.  (So much for making them all wait to check in at 3:00.)  Eliot and Elissa took her stuff upstairs while I stayed with the car.  Then, Eliot took the car to the other parking lot and I started to help her unpack.

We had a few amusing casualties trying to get her top bunk made, but overall, move-in day went pretty smooth.  Once she started to get settled in, we made a list of things we realized she would need.  Thankfully, the list isn't too long.  We did pretty good!

I had an easier time leaving her there than I was thinking I would.  The closer we got, the more I was worried that I would be an emotional mess.  But we reminder her (and ourselves) that Eliot works about 15 minutes away.  Our house is only 30 minutes away from campus.  We've already made some loose plans with her.  And I'm sure she'll come over to watch some San Jose Sharks hockey games once the season starts in October.  Plus, both of Elissa's roommates seem really nice.  That definitely made it easier for me to leave her there!

So, our mission to deliver her to UNE safe and sound is complete.  Thus, another new chapter begins!  Eliot and I are both very excited to have Elissa so close and we're looking forward to a lot of fun adventures this school year!  °o°

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