Tuesday, August 30, 2016

One Month Until Our Cruise!!!

Only one more month until Eliot and I embark on our first Disney Cruise!!!  It's getting close and I. AM. SO. EXCITED!!!

A few days ago, we got our cruise documents in the mail.  We're officially in the final countdown.  This is really getting real.  We're actually going on a Disney Cruise!!!

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Eliot and I have dreamed about this for years now.  Originally, our Disney honeymoon was going to be a Disney Cruise.  But at the time, the price for the one we looked at was really high for a 3 night cruise, and for about the same price, we spent an entire week at Walt Disney World.  (I have no regrets.)

But now, the time is right.  We're going to be on the ship with my family and my Key to the World friends.  I'm really glad that we'll have people who we know on board.  I'm not really sure what to expect, but it's less daunting when you know you have other people there with you!  Plus, my family and a lot of my KTTW friends have never been on one either!  I'm so excited to share this experience with all of them!

If that wasn't exciting enough, it's starting to sink in that we're also going to Walt Disney World next month!!!  Our hotel rooms are all booked.  Our Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party tickets are bought.  I can almost taste the candy and hear the parade.

Now, I just have to get the rest of my outfits planned out.  I've got a few clothing items and accessories I've been setting aside to wear this trip!  And I've also got to work on a mountain of ear designs- for myself, Eliot, and my KTTW friends.  But it's going to be totally worth all the hard work in the end.

I can't wait!!!  °o°

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