Monday, August 22, 2016

Sweet Summertime

Hi Friends!  I'm back after an unplanned week and a half blogging break.  Eliot and I have been insanely busy the past week or so.  Every night, my head hits the pillow and I'm out cold.  The next morning, I'm up and at 'em way before my alarm is scheduled to go off.  It's been crazy, but everything is good.

It's hard to believe that we're coming up on the end of August!  Some kids are already back in school!  (What?!?!)  In Maine, most of our kids go back after Labor Day.  I never went back before and that weekend pretty much signifies the "end of summer" here in Maine.  While we haven't done as many fun summer things as I'd hoped, Eliot and I have still made time to enjoy ourselves while still being very productive.

Last Thursday, we went over to Old Orchard Beach to enjoy the weekly fireworks display.  We realized this was the last one we'd be able to catch, since this Thursday, Elissa's flight arrives the same time as the fireworks.  It was nice to walk around the beach.  We'll probably go over a few more times before it gets too cold this fall.

The past two weekends, we've gone over to our local amusement/waterpark, Funtown Splashtown, to have a little break.  Last Sunday, we went on a few rides in Funtown, and then ended the day at Splashdown.  Yesterday, we only had time to make it to Splashtown, but a few hours in the slowly setting summer sun was just what we needed before coming home and heading back to work.  The park doesn't close until the weekend after Labor Day, so we're hoping to go a few more times!

We've both been really busy working on our side businesses.  Eliot's had a few soap orders to make, and when he isn't doing that he's been tirelessly working on new IllusionEar designs.  Our lists of ideas are constantly growing.  He's even surprised me with a few he didn't tell me about!  (New England Patriots Ears!!!)  Right now, we're working on designs for my fellow Key to the World friends since our annual conference is about 5 weeks away.  After that, we'll probably be debuting a TON of new designs in my shop.  I'll be sure to keep you posted, but for now, enjoy this sneak peek!

The main reason I've been away from my blogging is definitely the Olympics.  I've been camped out in our living room watching volleyball, beach volleyball, gymnastics, track and field, rowing, diving, running, swimming and more.  My favorites are always volleyball, women's gymnastics, and swimming, but it's so easy to get sucked in to whatever sport they're showing.  Thankfully, I've been making ears at our dining room table so I've been able to work on orders and listen to the Olympics.  It's been so inspiring watching all of the athletes and hearing their stories!  I'm so proud of our athletes and all of their accomplishments!  Go Team USA!

Anyways, now that the Olympics are over, I'm moving on to what's next.  Eliot's and my biggest priorities are making ears for KeyCon, preparing for our Walt Disney World trip and for our first ever Disney Cruise!  I'm glued to my to do list, but things are definitely getting crossed off.  (More things keep getting added, but they'll get done eventually!)

As I mentioned earlier, Elissa arrives in Maine on Thursday, and Eliot and I will be helping her move onto campus next weekend.  Labor Day weekend, Eliot and I are off to California for a wedding!  We're planning to go back to the Walt Disney Family Museum while we're out there.  I'd love to go to the San Francisco Disney Store and we might do a little bit of sightseeing if there's time.  We'll see!

I'm sure these next few weeks are going to be an adventure.  I'm just going to hang on tight and see where the journey takes me!  °o°

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