Friday, September 2, 2016

Fun Find: Walt Disney Family Museum

Eliot and I are currently on our way to California for a friend's wedding!  (Yay for being able to schedule blog posts ahead of time!)  We're looking forward to a fun weekend getaway.  This is also the last weekend of the Disneyland Diamond Celebration.  The crazy part of me wanted to fly down for part of the day Monday to be dazzled one last time, but alas, it wasn't going to work out this trip.

Instead, we're going to go back to the Walt Disney Family Museum to see more!  We went back in June and realized that we hadn't set aside nearly enough time to see everything.  We ended up rushing through more than half the museum.  This time, I'm looking forward to taking our time and really soaking in everything it has to offer.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Walt Disney Family Museum, I thought I'd share a quick overview for today's Fun Find Friday!

The Walt Disney Family Museum is located in San Francisco in the Presidio.  (It's not far from the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge.)  Inside, there is a cafe, a museum store as well as a studio were you can take classes and workshops.

The museum consists of 10 galleries showcasing Walt Disney's life: from his small town beginnings, to his move to Hollywood, to his shorts and his movies, to the creation of Disneyland to the world remembering him after his death.

Of course, my favorite gallery was the Disneyland one.  There's a giant model of the park with lights and moving rides.  (It was absolutely stunning.  I could have stayed there all day.  In fact, this time, I might just do that...)

Visiting the museum is a really great way to see the entire story of Walt and how through a lot of hard work, his dreams became a reality.  I definitely recommend that every Disney fan go there at least once.  (I'll be posting more about our experiences there in the near future.)  If you're ever in the San Francisco area, check it out!  °o°

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