Friday, September 23, 2016

One Week!!!

Only one week until we embark on our first Disney Cruise adventure!!!

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Two weeks ago, I started to tell you about how we were preparing for our cruise and trip to Walt Disney World.  I posted another update last week, when we started to get a bunch of our Disney Cruise Line items in the mail!  Since then, it's been a flurry of excitement around here... and there's no sign of stopping!

Mostly, Eliot and I have been working almost non-stop on mouse ears.  Mouse ears for my Key to the World travel agent friends.  10 sets of breast cancer awareness mouse ears for a customer on Etsy.  Other mouse ear orders from Etsy.  Mouse ears for us to wear.  Mouse ears here, mouse ears there, mouse ears pretty much everywhere!!!

However, I'm still not stressed out.  (Yet anyways!)  Maybe it's because I'm enjoying all of the new designs and it's sparking some creativity.  I've even taken some time to work on a few new ear designs for Eliot and I to wear during our trip!  A few are designs I've wanted to make forever... so I'm really excited that those are done now!

Earlier this week, Eliot finished a few soaps orders for some Etsy customers... so we switched gears to focus on making our fish extender gifts!  We also told my parents we'd make gifts for them to give out!  I think he's pretty much done with my family's fish extender gifts.  Now, he's just working on completing both sets of ours!  Plus, they're a little bit different so we're not all handing out the exact same thing!

I've completed most of the shopping on my list.  A lot of the list consisted of supplies, so I had to get those ahead of time.  I also got a few more supplies in the mail.  At this point, I'm only expecting two more things in the mail!  Hopefully they'll arrive soon!

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We still have stuff to do this weekend, but we're in good shape!  I'm finished with work, so I have today, this weekend and Monday to finish up some more projects.  I also have to make our fish extenders.  I have to finish a bunch of ears, and start one more secret ear project for Eliot and me.  I also have to put together my outfits, and start packing.  I have a list, but I haven't started to pack anything yet!

It might be a busy weekend... but at least the final countdown has started!!!  °o°

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