Thursday, September 29, 2016

September 2016 Photo Challenge

It's time for another photo challenge!  (I decided to post it a day early since we'll be leaving on our cruise tomorrow!)  As you know, I've been doing the Instagram Photo challenge put on by the Disney Colors Facebook Group.  This has been a busy month, but I've still managed to post all my photos!

Here are my September 2016 Photo Challenge Photos:

Day 1: Welcome- Nothing says welcome like this sign!

Day 2: Autumn- I love the fall decorations at the parks!

Day 3: Twirl- Festival of Fantasy Parade

Day 4: Blue- Hidden Mickey in The Living Seas

Day 5: Need for Speed- Tomorrowland Speedway at Magic Kingdom

Day 6: Balloons- I love Mickey Balloons!

Day 7: Tigger- They're bouncey, bouncey, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!!!

Day 8: Fountain- My favorite fountain photo

Day 9: Thunder- Big Thunder Mountain Railroad model, Disneyland Hotel

Day 10: Show- Mickey and the Magical Map, Disneyland

Day 11: Gold- My first runDisney bling!

Day 12: Ice Cream- Dole Whip!!!

Day 13: Details- I love the details of the Storybookland Canal Boats models.

Day 14: Flowers- Flower and Garden Festival

Day 15: Royal- Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade

Day 16: Future- Tomorrowland, Disneyland

Day 17: Lanterns- Rapunzel in Mickey and the Magical Map

Day 18: Nature- Kilimanjaro Safaris

Day 19: Wonderland- Tea Cups at Disneyland 

Day 20: Space- Star Wars store in Tomorrowland, Disneyland

Day 21: Mouse- One Man's Dream

Day 22: Castle- I love the ice lights on Cinderella Castle!!!

Day 23: Celebrate- The Move It, Shake It Parade, Magic Kingdom

Day 24: Music- Soundsational Parade, Disneyland

Day 25: Disney Food- Because nothing tastes better than Mickey shaped food!

Day 26: Sparkle- I love sparkly fireworks!

Day 27: Selfie- Riding Dumbo with one of my favorite little donkeys.

Day 28: Parade- Boo To You!!!

Day 29: Imagination- I miss the imagination from the Animation Building.

Day 30: Laughter- Genie provided many laughs in Aladdin, California Adventure.

This was a lot of fun!  I'll probably skip October though, at least the daily Instagram posts.  It's a lot of work to go through my photos and I'm going to be away at Disney for the start of the month anyways!  At least I'll be able to get some more photos for next time!  Maybe I'll just post them all at once again like I did in May!  

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