Friday, February 8, 2019

Single Digits Until Our Return to WDW

Well guys, it's the final countdown.  We leave for Walt Disney World in 9 days and start our races two weeks from today.  To answer the unasked questions you're all probably thinking: Yes, we did just return from Disney.  And yes, we're going again.

The magical Disney gods are shining down upon us.  Practically back-to-back trips were not at all what we were trying to do... it was more like sheer, dumb luck.

Eliot and I had set out to go to the Festival of the Arts right from the get-go, even if it was only for an extended weekend trip.  After deciding to delay our Disney Cruise last December- to this December instead- we decided to extend our Walt Disney World vacation in January with the vacation days we would have used to take the cruise.

Then, his sister Sara had told us that this was the last chance she was able to do a run Disney event for a while (she's currently in veterinary school) so Eliot's family decided we would all do Princess 2019.  We all signed up back in August and that was that.

So, here Eliot and I are... leaving for Walt Disney World a mere 23 days since we last stood there on the morning of January 25th.

The gravity of this is not at all lost on me.  My parents raised my brother Jeremy and I to be incredibly grateful for the sheer opportunity to even go to the Magic Kingdom and to Walt Disney World.  Most kids in my class in elementary school had never even left the state of Maine let alone travelled to visit Mickey Mouse and his magical land.

Those lessons still resonate deeply within me and every time we drive under the giant welcome sign, onto those hallowed grounds, I silently reflect upon those teachings and thank God that I've been as blessed as I am.

What's sad is that I've found myself uncharacteristically angry the past few days.  Not that I'm going back to my happy place, but that I'm feeling the way I am about it.  Like there's something wrong with me and Eliot for doing it.  Everybody makes their own decisions in life.  Some people go to tropical places. Others go to Europe.  Others can't afford to travel.  Some choose not to travel at all.  These are our decisions and what's right for us right now.  Yet, I can't help but feel defensive when I talk about it.  Like the entire world is silently judging us for it.  And that's really been bothering me.

I had a great conversation with my Mom the other night.  She told me not to worry about what anyone else was thinking, just as she's said my entire life.  She reminded me that it's none of anyone else's business.  And she's right, it's not.  I make a choice to share what's going on in our lives, and I guess it's foolish of me to expect that people would be happy for us.  (This is why I didn't post anything on my personal Facebook page for so long.)  Thank you to the people who are genuinely happy for us.

Eliot and I both work really hard.  My husband works a normal 40+ (usually 50) hour a week job as a mechanical engineer.  On top of that, he also makes new 3D mouse ear designs, prints them, and helps me assemble them.  He packages up most of our orders.  (Eliot's more quick and efficient at it than I am so he usually takes it upon himself to do it.)  He works his butt off.  And I love him for it.

But I'm no slacker.  I write, edit and list all of our 300+ listings on Etsy.  I answer customer messages, probably spending more time on them than I should.  (I like to be treated as an actual human being and I treat our customers the same way.)  I also design most of our new products, glitter everything that needs it and take all of our product photos.  And I'm also trying to set us up to open two more shops in the next few months.  Don't get me wrong, I love every minute of it.  (Most of the time.)  I'm so blessed to be able to work at home.  But it's still work.  It's not sitting around watching television and eating bonbons.  (Shout out to my Mom for this inside joke.)

Yes, we're going to Walt Disney World again.  Yes, we were just there last month.  Yes, we still live in Maine.  Yes, we are Annual Pass Holders... again.  Yes, we work our butts off.  No, we aren't paying for the entire trip ourselves for those of you wondering how we can afford it.  Eliot's parents have a timeshare and we're staying with them except for the night we fly in before everyone and the extra day we're staying at the end of the trip.  Yes, none of this is anyone else's business.  I just thought I'd add that we're not rolling around in our own personal version of Uncle Scrooge's vault.

So, there you have it.  I'm now going to rid myself of the negative energy that I've felt about these back-to-back trips over the past few months.  Thank you all for allowing me the space to get this off my chest.  And if you are a friend or family member reading this, it isn't directed towards anyone in particular.  It's a culmination of many different things that have happened the past few months.  And like I said, it was time to let it go.

As a great woman once said, "the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate."  So I'm gonna just "shake it off" and start counting the next 9 days down to Disney.  °o°


  1. Have a wonderful time for all of us who can't go anytime soon!

    1. Thank you! We will! We're really excited to go back! :-)

  2. You Go Girl and enjoy yourself! More power to you! You don't owe anyone an explanation. I have missed your blogs -I especially like the ones where you tell us/show us what you did and what you bought in Disney (Disney Haul)-from Portland ME

    1. Thanks so much! I'm definitely feeling better after writing this post and getting everything off my chest! I've missed blogging. I enjoy it so much and it's very therapeutic for me to write. I've got so many reviews and recaps to do! I'll probably start trying to tackle them here and there now that I'm working from home! We've got plenty of Disney Hauls to share too. I'm also hoping to show pictures of our house (and our Disney collection) now that we're trying to get it finished! Hopefully, we'll have a lot of fun stuff to post about soon! :-D