Saturday, February 16, 2019

WDW February 2019 Bucket List

The past few trips to Disney, I've barely had time to tell you we're going, let alone write a bucket list of goals for the trip.  But since I'm in a blogging groove at the moment, I thought I'd pop in to share a few goals of this trip.  This trip is primarily for Princess Half Marathon Weekend, so that's our main focus.  (In other words, we'll be structuring the trip around the races, getting up at 3 am and saving our feet.)  Regardless of that, I still thought it would be fun to accomplish a few goals along the way!

Therefore, it's time for my trip bucket list!  Here are my goals for the next few days:

°o°  1.) Meet Mickey and Minnie in their Celebration Outfits

°o°  2.) Figment's Brush with the Masters Scavenger Hunt
°o°  3.) Paint a Square at the Festival of the Arts Wall Mural
°o°  4.) Finally go on one of the Avatar Rides in Pandora
°o°  5.) Animation Academy at Festival of the Arts
°o°  6.) Attend the Princess Half Marathon Expo
°o°  7.) Make a Silk Scarf at the Festival of the Arts
°o°  8.) See Pandora at Night for the First Time
°o°  9.) Do the Festival of the Arts Photo Ops (Italy, USA, Mexico, France, UK)
°o°  10.) Do my best in the Princess Half Marathon Events

Despite having more time available now that I'm working from home, Eliot and I haven't trained for the races at all.  We've still been incredibly busy and we're trying to adjust to this new lifestyle.  Pair that up with San Jose Sharks games (that usually start at 10:30 pm east coast time) and you've got yourself a recipe for chaos.  Therefore, I'm going into this with an open mind to simply do my best in the events.

What I'm most looking forward to is exploring the Festival of the Arts more.  We got a good taste during our last trip to Walt Disney World, but this trip, I'd like to taste more of it- quite literally.  Aside from the scavenger hunt, photo ops, painting a square, the Animation Academy, making a silk scarf and enjoying all of the artwork, there are a ton of yummy treats that I'd like to try.  I got one of the paint palette cookies last trip and it was delicious and adorable.  I've done some pre-trip research and I've narrowed in on seven more Festival of the Arts treats I'd like to try:

°o°  1.) Pop Art Tart (I showed these to Eliot last trip and he's game)
°o°  2.) Festival of the Arts Cupcake (at Sunshine Seasons)
°o°  3.) Lobster Bacon Macaroni and Cheese in a Cone (at Taste Track)
°o°  4.) Paint Brush Churros (at Taste Track)
°o°  5.) White Chocolate Painting w/Chocolate Easel (in Canada)
°o°  6.) Musical Float (at Fife and Drum)
°o°  7.) Frosé (at L’Art de la Cuisine Française)

So, there you have it!  These look attainable (and delicious!) to me.  We're planning to go into the parks a lot earlier in the week so we can save our feet for the weekend's events.  After the races are over next Sunday, we'll rest and then hopefully get to go back into the parks on Monday and Tuesday before we fly home late Tuesday!

I'll be sure to post the bucket list results once we're back home in Maine!  °o°

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