Thursday, June 19, 2014

Elissa's First Week in Maine

Well, it's been another crazy week here at the Cady residence!

Eliot had a great birthday last week.  We enjoyed our quick trip to Boston before Elissa arrived last Wednesday morning.  We got home and had a few hours of sleep before we were off to Bar Harbor.  Thursday, my family went to my Grammie's burial service.

After the service, we went out to an early dinner with my aunts and cousin.  Then, all of us "kids" went to play mini-golf at Pirates Cove!  We all love mini-golf, and who doesn't like pirates?  Visiting Pirates Cove is definitely one of my favorite parts of summer!

While we were home, we also went walking the Carriage Paths in Acadia National Park. Elissa and I saw 2 turtles, lots of fish, tadpoles, 3 frogs, a snake and a beautiful butterfly!

On Father's Day, we drove to the top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park.  (We even got Nana up there!  Yay Nana!!!)  There was a cruise ship in town so it was fun to see it from up above the town.  

Eeyore, Olaf and Duffy also had a good time on the mountain.

Eeyore got a picture with "Grandpa" since they both had Red Sox shirts on.  (Daddy was having way too much fun propping Eeyore up in the front window of the car and making him wave to little kids in the parking lot.)

Eeyore even took a Cadillac Mountain "selfie."

Then, we went into Bar Harbor to have some ice cream down on the pier.  Eeyore sat in the car with Olaf and Duffy while the rest of us watched the cruise ship pull out of the harbor. Finally, Sunday evening we headed back to Southern Maine.

This past week, Elissa and I have kept ourselves busy cleaning the house and preparing for our DisneySide BBQ party this weekend!  We've also been shopping for supplies at a few of our local craft stores.  I'm pretty sure Eliot isn't going to let Elissa and I go shopping alone anymore... he he.  ;-)

Photo Source: UCreate Pinterest
Wednesday, Elissa and I went to our Zentangle class at JoAnn's.  It was so much fun!  I really couldn't wait for this class.  We learned a lot of new drawing and shading techniques.  We even both drew Zentangle inspired pictures with our favorite mouse!

Now it's back to party preparations!  This is going to be so much fun!!!  °o°

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