Monday, June 16, 2014

The (Not So) Top Secret Party

Well, I think it's time for the big reveal.  Remember the "top secret" party I've referred to a few times during my blog and Disney goal updates?

Now, I can make it official!  We're hosting our own at Home Disney Side Party!

No, we didn't receive an "official" kit like a lot of other bloggers.  (I was a bit late to that party.)  But I absolutely love Disney's newest slogan to "show your Disney Side."  As you guys know, my "Disney Side" is pretty much my only side.  There's Disney all over our house, in every direction you look.  I'm always planning my "next" vacation there. And we love it so much we got married in Walt Disney World.  So, of course we wanted to be in on this whole party concept!

The reason I'm finally spilling the beans, is that we had a special guest who we wanted to surprise.  We'd been doing pretty good planning the party through a private Facebook message.  However, we realized there was no way we'd be able to hide it from her once she got here.  Instead, we had Eliot's sister Elissa open her party invitation via Skype- so we could see her reaction.  Now that she knows about the party, everyone can know!

Elissa finally got her invitation Monday night of last week- just in time before she left to visit us here in Maine!  Here's her reaction upon opening the envelope.  (Eliot's screen shots didn't work so we had to take a picture instead.)

We are having a barbecue at our house this Saturday for some of our closest friends. Eliot and I have been dying to have a barbecue since we moved in over a year ago; we just never got around to having everyone over.  Now- we set a date, invited everyone, and decided to decorate and give it a Mickey and Minnie Mouse theme!

I'll be sure to post updates from our party planning.  Hopefully we'll have a few tutorial worthy projects completed by the time the party rolls around!

This is going to be way too much fun!!!  I can't wait!!!  °o°

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