Friday, November 20, 2015

Fun Find: Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me!!!  Today is my 31st birthday!  In honor of my birthday, I thought I'd share some birthday videos for Fun Find Friday!!!

Here's a Mouseketeer birthday song and video!

Here's an Ariel princess birthday video.  I thought it was appropriate since The Little Mermaid turned 26 a few days ago on November 17th. 

Here's a video from Minnie.  She and Mickey turned 87 on November 18th.  I love sharing my birthday week with some of my favorite Disney characters!  According to the info on YouTube, you can get a video like this personalized with your age, name and picture!  (I just want a customized bow from Minnie!)

Finally, this video is my favorite, but you'll probably have to click the link back to YouTube.  It has tons of Disney characters wishing the viewer a Happy Birthday!

Cheers to another great year!!!  °o°