Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Moving to The New House

As you know, the big move to our new house was this past weekend.  And what a weekend it was!  It certainly felt like a lot more than 3 days anyways.  The weekend was productive and we're in pretty good shape!  We're not officially moved over there... but I'll get to that later.  Here's how our moving weekend went!

My parents drove down mid-day Friday to help me start getting stuff ready.  Dad and I worked on painting Friday afternoon.  Meanwhile, Mom cleaned the kitchen cupboards and organized the painting supplies on the countertop.  We met up with Eliot for dinner and then we grabbed a few more supplies at Wal-Mart before Jeremy arrived.  We went to bed early because we knew it was going to be a busy weekend.

Saturday, we went to work at the new house.  Our living room was already full since Eliot and I have been bringing stuff over whenever we go to the house.  Jeremy and Mom moved the containers to their respective rooms of the house.  (Thank goodness for labels!)  Dad, Eliot and I worked on painting more of the upstairs.  Dad tackled the small guest room, and Eliot tackled the larger one.  Both had to be primed with white since we were worried the new paint colors might not cover the old ones.  I re-prainted the detail between Eliot's office walls and the freshly painted ceiling.  (We had a few oopsies that I needed to cover.)

Since it was Halloween, we lit Mickey and Minnie up and put our porch light on.  We were really hoping the kids from our neighborhood would come over, but by 7:00 ish, we hadn't had anyone and we were done working at the house.  We turned off the lights, closed up shop and headed back to get some dinner.

Sunday morning was an early one, even with the extra hour of sleep.  Mom and Dad picked up the U-Haul.  Meanwhile, Eliot and I packed more.  Jeremy shuttled stuff to our cars.  Once one car was full, we moved it to Wal-Mart so it was out of the way of the U-Haul truck.  Around 11:00, the movers we hired arrived.  (We hired movers through U-Haul for 4 hours to get few of the heavy items.)  They had the truck filled up in no time and our caravan was on the way to the new house!

The movers made quick work of unpacking the U-Haul truck.  In fact, a lot of it was unpacked before Mom, Jeremy and I even arrived at the house.  (We were the last to get shuttled back over to our cars at Wal-Mart.  Ok... we also stopped at Wendy's to grab some lunch.  Don't worry; we shared!)  The moving guys took the furniture to each of the rooms and placed in the center so we could finish painting the walls.

After the U-Haul truck was emptied, we thanked the movers and they were on their way.  We decided to have Mom, Dad and Jeremy go back to Walmart to get the trailer we borrowed from Eliot's friend from work.  We bid Jeremy farewell and told Mom and Dad we'd see them soon.  While they were all gone, Eliot and I pulled the cars into our driveway and emptied them all out.  Then, we moved them back onto our road so the driveway was clear for the trailer.

Dad backed the trailer into the driveway out of the way and then we all took a quick break.  Afterwards, we shuffled all of the boxes Eliot and I had unpacked around the house.  It was dark outside, but we thought we could make another small trip with the U-Haul.  We returned to the other house, stopped for a dinner break, and then went back to pack up a few more things.  Dad and Eliot grabbed stuff from the basement and garage while I packed things inside the house.  Mom loaded the back of her car up with some of our breakable stuff.  Then, Dad and Eliot rode over in the U-Haul truck and Mom and I took her car.

After we unpacked the truck and car, we called it a night.  We took inventory of both houses and the majority of our stuff is now at the new house.  Unfortunately, since we hadn't finished painting the bedrooms, we didn't see the point in moving the beds because they'd be in the way.  Right now, Eliot and I are still living in the house we're renting.  Thankfully, I insisted that we keep our work clothes, toiletries and dishes here so we're all set.  We also haven't changed our cable and internet over, so the tv and computers are here with us.  Although, I'm really missing the couch.  The folding chairs we brought back from the new house just aren't the same.

We're really excited that most of our stuff is at the new house.  Our plan this week is to finish painting the guest bedrooms so we can put the dressers where they're going to go.  Then, we can put the clothes back in them.  Mom and Dad will probably come down one more time to help us move our beds and the office furniture, but we're in pretty good shape.  There's plenty of things we can start unpacking so it'll be less overwhelming when are are officially living there!  Plus, our lease doesn't end until the end of November.  We've still got plenty of time!  °o°


  1. Wow! What a productive weekend! I was tired just reading all the work you guys did. I think you probably did more in a weekend move than most people do in a month when moving. Good to see the new house is shaping up the way you envisioned it. It's definitely a lot of hard work, but you guys are making it sound easy! Good luck.

    Vanessa Walters @ Stellar Movers

    1. Thanks Vanessa! It was definitely a crazy weekend. We're still working on the house and getting settled in, but things are coming together! :-)