Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tsum Tsum Tuesday

Happy Tsum Tsum Tuesday!!!  Those of you who follow me on social media know how much I love these small plush toys.  Tsum tsums are a craze that's sweeping the Disney fandom.  What once started out as a mobile device game, has turned into a huge fad with tons of merchandise people line up hours for.  I'm not immune.  After all, how can you resist these adorable little fluffy friends?

Photo Source: Target
Eliot and I started collecting a few of them here and there.  We were going to get our favorite characters and call it good.  Then, Disney announced they were making a new set each month.  We still weren't completely on the band wagon.  However, over the past few months, I've definitely caught the fever.  Now, we're getting most of them from each new set that's released as well as a few from previously released collections.

Photo Source: Target
The Disney Store releases a new set of mini tsum tsums the first Tuesday of each month.  (Hence, the name Tsum Tsum Tuesday.)  Over the past few months, they've released a ton of tsum tsums including Big Hero 6, Lilo and Stitch, Inside Out, Marvel, Little Mermaid, Nightmare Before Christmas and Aladdin.  This month, they released Peter Pan, a Christmas set and a Frozen Fever set.

Photo Source: Disney Store
On another note, Target now carries tsum tsums too!  They usually have some of the previously released collections like Toy Story, Alice in Wonderland, Mickey and friends and more recently Frozen.  There's debate as to whether or not they're the same quality as the Disney Store tsums, but they're all cute and fluffy to me.  Honestly, it's been nice having them at Target since we don't have a Disney Store nearby.

Our little tsum tsum collection has grown a lot in a the past few months.  It's not so little anymore!  I didn't even realize how many we had until we packed them all up for our move.  We filled three one gallon zip loc baggies with tsum tsums.  We owe most of that to my brother Jeremy.  He's been going to Target and his local Disney Store to see what he can find.  (Every time he finds some, he sends me a photo of them stacked up in his car or his apartment.)  Eliot and I have bought a few from our local Target, but Jeremy really deserves the credit for our growing collection.  

In fact, I want to publicly acknowledge my "little" brother.  I've mentioned how awesome he is on my blog before, but he really deserves a lot more credit and recognition.  This morning, Jeremy text messaged me around 8:00 am saying he was in line at his local Disney Store waiting for it to open.  (I thought it opened at 9:00 am but and it didn't until 10:00.)  Not only did he go stand in the cold for two hours to be one of the first in line- he was second from the front- but he also had asked for the day off of work just so he could get me the newly released tsum tsums.  If that's not an amazing show of brotherly love and dedication, then I don't know what is.

Thank you Jeremy for your time and efforts searching for tsum sums at both the Disney Store and at Target.  You're really the best brother ever!  I love you!!!  °o°


  1. I'm so bummed the website sold out so quickly! I don't have a Disney Store near me so I missed out on Peter Pan completely.

    1. Oh no! :-( The Disney Store website has been selling out really quickly. I forgot the Frozen Fever dolls were released yesterday in the stores and online this morning and I missed out on those. I wish I'd remembered! My brother might have been able to get them for me while he was getting the sum tsums. Hopefully they'll have the Peter Pan set at Target a few months from now! :-)

  2. Tsums Tsums are so cute. I always add a stuffed animal when I buy a baby gift and my favorite stuffie to give right now is the medium sized Winnie the Pooh Tsum Tsum. It is such a happy, bright gift for a baby. I also have the mini Chip and Dale tsum tsums next to a plant on a table in my room-just a tiny bit of whimsy! Thanks for the fun post!

    1. Yes! They're so cute. We've got so many stuffed animals... I'm addicted. When I saw these I tried so hard to resist but it was impossible! They are the perfect gift for a baby! I'm glad you enjoyed my post! :-)