Monday, February 8, 2016

Happy Birthday California Adventure

Today is California Adventure’s 15th Birthday!  California Adventure was a much needed addition to the Disneyland Resort.  Disneyland wasn’t the right home for some of the Walt Disney World attractions Disney planned to bring to the west coast.  Plus, with large crowds at Disneyland, it was clear that an expansion was necessary.

I personally love California Adventure.  It’s seen a lot of changes in it’s first 15 years, but I think it’s a great theme park.  There are a lot of unique shows and attractions there too!  Here are some of my California Adventure favorites:

While it’s no longer there, the Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular was a personal favorite of mine.  Frozen takes it’s place this spring, and while I’ll miss the Aladdin show, I’m looking forward to seeing what Frozen brings to the park!

One of my favorite rides at California Adventure is Grizzly River Run at Grizzly Peak.  I love water rides and this one is sure to get you wet!

Eliot had to make sure I included his favorite: California Screamin’.  I have not, and will not, go on it, but it does look like a fun ride for those who like roller coasters!

Mickey’s Fun Wheel is not only a great park icon, but it’s absolutely stunning at night time when it’s all lit up in a rainbow of colors.  Absolutely stunning.

Another fun ride that’s often overlooked is Monsters Inc.  It’s another dark ride, but it’s really cute.  I love the Monsters Inc storyline and it’s cute to go on.

The place I could sit for hours and be content is the Animation Building.  I love watching all of the screens with Disney movies showing while music from the movies plays.  This is also the only place I can go take an animation class now that Hollywood Studios closed.  I love this place!!!

The best themed section of the park has to be Cars Land.  You literally feel like you’re walking through the movie at night when all of the neon signs are lit up.  We didn’t spent much time there last trip and I’m looking forward to exploring Cars Land a little more next time!  I'll be sure to take more photos too!

Last, but certainly not least, my favorite part of California Adventure is definitely World of Color.  I finally saw it for the first time this past trip to Disneyland in September and it was incredible.  The rainbow of fountains, projected images and music created an amazing show.  I'm not going to lie; it's so wonderful that I cried.

Happy 15th Birthday California Adventure!  To many more adventures!  °o°

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