Monday, February 22, 2016

Magical Mail Monday

The last two weeks have been epic in the Magical Mickey Mouse Mail department.  I've been feeling a little home sick for Disney lately and this has sprinkled pixie dust into our everyday lives.  Each time I open a package is like Christmas!

Eliot and I have both been pretty busy with our side businesses lately.  We've been fortunate that we've had orders to create.  I'm also working on developing some new designs.  Between that, unpacking, organizing our stuff and working on the house, we haven't had much time to go out other than to work.  We usually try to have a date night once or twice a month.  Instead, this month we've used a few gift cards and some of the extra money from our businesses to bring magic to us!

I've mentioned how much I love supporting other handmade businesses.  That's one of my favorite parts of running Happily Ever Hatter.  I use some of the money to purchase items from other handmade sellers!  Recently, I've ordered from a few shops.  I'm still waiting for some of the orders to arrive, but here's what I've gotten so far!

My first purchase was from Le Petit Mouse.  I ordered a Rapunzel Pendant Necklace and a Starbucks Necklace/Brooch.  The tiara on the Rapunzel necklace is beautiful and I couldn't help myself with the Starbucks brooch.  I'm not a huge coffee lover, but I've started drinking a few here and there for a pick me up.  The necklace is so cute!

Sticking to the Tangled theme, I also ordered a Rapunzel ring from AOS Design.  I've been admiring these from afar; my only regret is that I didn't order one sooner!  This particular style is the limited edition Valentine's design- it's detail is stunning!

Lately, I've been really into scarves.  They're the perfect accessory in the winter and I love my growing Disney scarf collection!  I'm absolutely in love with my new Mickey and Friends Cupcake scarf from PlayItByEars!

I also bought the Tsum Tsum scarf from MadeByMelephant that I've been admiring.  I couldn't help myself!  It was so cute with all of the little tsums on it.  It's so soft.  Now I can wear my precious tsums everywhere I go!

I told you about the Olaf pjs I got from JCPenney for Valentine's Day.  I also got a really cute Mickey and Minnie shirt that was on sale with an additional discount!

Rounding out my JCPenney purchases, Eliot and I decided to get the Disney Pixar slow cooker.  It sold out during it's initial debut on the website.  When it was back in stock, and also about $20 off on sale, we jumped at the chance to get one!  It's going to look great in our kitchen!  (It's currently safely tucked away in it's outer box.)

Photos from JCPenney
Eliot has also had a few packages come in.  His mother bought him a new Stitch belt from Hot Topic.  He wears a Disney belt to work every single day.  His new one is a little more subtle and I know how much he loves Stitch!  He also got a Hot Topic Exclusive Pop Vinyl Bing Bong.  It's his first Pop figure and he's already got him proudly displayed in his office!

Eliot also likes to support crafters.  He ordered a few Disney art pieces from someone he met on Facebook.  They're a picture from a Disney movie along with a little film strip from that movie.  There wasn't a huge selection but he found a few he liked.  He bought himself Belle (Eliot loves Beauty and the Beast), his mother Buzz Lightyear and I picked out a Cinderella wedding piece.  It reminded me of our Disney Wedding!

Finally, my bigger Disney Store order arrived over the weekend.  Disney had a 25% off sale last weekend for President's Day.  I took that opportunity to get a few more ear hats for my Happily Ever Hatter stock.  Then, I added a Haunted Mansion Maid apron for good measure... ok so it was to get to the free shipping mark!

Before checking out, I saw RunDisney merchandise from the marathon weekend expo online.  Eliot told me to get a few items since he's done two RunDisney events more than me and he's got a ton of RunDisney shirts.  I ended up buying the character shirt, Olaf shirt and the jacket.  I've wanted a RunDisney jacket forever.  I almost bought one at the expo in 2014, but I skipped it and have been kicking myself ever since.  The 25% off sale was the perfect excuse to finally get one!  (They're kind of pricey!)

I nearly squealed when my package arrived.  I tried on all of my new gear and it fits perfectly!  I was so excited that I may or may not have been dancing around the house like a crazy person.  I can't wait to wear my new RunDisney gear while training for the 2017 Princess and Tinker Bell half marathons!

Speaking of marathons, now that we've had our fun, we're going to behave ourselves and save up for a few of our upcoming adventures!  We have many travel plans coming up over the next few years!  Time to buckle down to work with our businesses so we can prepare for all of the magic to come!  °o°

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