Sunday, February 28, 2016

Instagram Accounts

As I've mentioned before, I love Instagram.  Sure, it's got it's pluses and minuses, but overall, I'm a fan.  It's a great way to share photos and snippets of your life.  However, my favorite part is discovering new handmade shops and artists who I might not have found otherwise.  Since joining, I've followed many accounts and it's how I've found a few handmade sellers of some of my recent purchases!

About two weeks ago, Instagram finally updated their app so users are able to jump between accounts easily without having to log out and log back in.  I haven't been using my Happily Ever Hatter account that often since it was such a pain to access.  I usually stay in my "My Disney Life Blog" account.  I'd occasionally log out so I could access my "Happily Ever Hatter" account to post photos but it wasn't regular.

Now, I'm able to jump between accounts with ease.  I've been more active on all of my accounts.  Two weeks ago, I finally made Eliot a "Snowblade Creations" account for his shop.  I've only posted a few photos, but we're hoping to add some more soon!

I've also been more active on our "A Tail of Two Donkeys" account for Eeyore, Brother and Duffy.  I used to post some of their adventures on my blog, but now they have their own Instagram account for their shenanigans.  We love to dress them up and stage photos with them, so hopefully they'll have more photos soon!

If you're interested in following Eliot and me on our daily adventures, you can click the links above and it should take you to each of our different accounts!  If you have an Instagram account, give us a follow and say hello!  °o°

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