Tuesday, February 9, 2016

There is Magic

"Have courage, and be kind."

While I never heard that exact quote until last year's live action Cinderella movie was released, I'd like to think that I've always strived to live up to it.  My parents taught me the value in being a good person, a loyal friend and showing everyone kindness.

Photo Source: Terrell Family Fun

Growing up, sometimes it seemed like the good guys always finished last.  I know I'm usually rainbows, unicorns and sunshine around here, but it hasn't always been that way.  Sometimes, it seems like life is taking me along for a wild rollercoaster ride.  And you all know how much I love those... not.  Fortunately, I've finally found my groove.

We all go through rough times, but in doing so, it makes the good times so much sweeter.  I've been reflecting about the past few years and I'm just so thankful for everything we have now.  A few short years ago, Eliot and I were living outside of Boston paying outlandish prices for our apartment.  I was miserable at my job.  I had great co-workers, but I felt taken advantage of and lost in the corporate structure.

Today, Eliot and I both love our jobs.  We have a beautiful new house that we are so blessed and grateful to have.  We have a loving family and great friends.  (We only wish we saw some of them more often!)  Both of us have been blessed with what seems like endless creativity.  (Something I thank my lucky stars for daily.)  Because of that, we both have wonderful side businesses that we've created and truly enjoy.

Photo Source: Daps Magic (edited by me)
And then today happened.  While I can't fully disclose what happened quite yet, I'm incredibly grateful and humbled by the acknowledgement I received.  I'm so thankful for my parents and for everything that they do for me.  I know that I've always made them proud.  They spoil me rotten, and I know it.  I'm forever indebted to them for all that they do for us.  But today, something clicked.  It felt like a personal triumphant victory.  An acknowledgement of all my hard work.  The prize for the fruits of my labor.

So tonight, I smile and look forward to the celebration to come.  When Cinderella "gets to go to the ball" if you will.  After all, "where there is kindness, there is goodness.  And where there is goodness, there is magic."  °o°


  1. I love your positive outlook.....

    1. Thank you! I definitely had a rough patch after college through when I was at my other job. I just feel so free now... like the sky is the limit and I can do anything! Watch out world! Here I come!!! :-)