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2016 Goals Mid-Year Review

It's hard for me to believe, but 2016 is more than half over already!  I feel like I wrote out my 2016 Blog and Disney Goals just yesterday.  It's crazy how fast time flies!  I thought that since it's mid-year, I should take a peek at how I'm doing on my goals:

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Melissa's Blog and Disney Goals for 2016

1.)  Go to Walt Disney World- Eliot and I are scheduled to go in September/October!

2.)  Go to Disneyland- April- check.  June- check.

3.)  Go on my first Disney Cruise- We've booked our first Disney cruise for this fall!

4.)  Sign Up and Train for the 2017 Princess and Tinker Bell Half Marathons- Registering for Princess- check.  And Tinker Bell registration opens up in a few more weeks!  Now it's time to finalize my training schedules so I can officially start my training!

5.)  Participate in a few Blog Hops- Check!  I've already participated in three so far this year.  I also have a few more planned for the remainder of the year!

6.)  Achieve Monthly Blog Goals- This is always a difficult one for me.  But this year, I was determined to crush it.  I've already done 12 Fun Finds, and we're only half way through the year.  I've gotten a little bit behind in the DIY projects, but I've got a ton of ideas for the upcoming holidays this fall and winter.  As for the 150 blog posts, I've done 90 and I've only got 60 to go with 175 days left in the year.  I'm on track for a big check!!!  Finally!!!

7.)  Make Disney Décor for the Holidays- I've made a few decorative pieces for Valentine's Day and spring.  I've also got a few things up my sleeve for Halloween and Christmas!

8.)  Have a Few Friends as Guest Bloggers- I'm still working on this.  Stay tuned!

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9.)  Make Disney Accessories- This is still a work in progress.  I've ordered a bunch of supplies... so many supplies.  Eliot's got a new toy on order, and that will open up so many possibilities.  I also recently designed a dress for 4th of July!  Stay tuned for more!!!  I have so much planned!  And I'm just getting started!

10.)  Have Disney Movie Nights and Disney Board Game Nights- I've watched quite a few Disney movies so far this year!  Eliot and I haven't played any of our board games yet, but I'm hoping we can now that things are quieting down this summer!

11.)  Disneybound Themed Outfit Challege- I need to figure out how many of these I've actually done.  I attended Dapper Day at Disneyland this spring and that was a dream come true.  I also dressed up for the 4th of July.  Now I need to work on a few more outfits for our upcoming cruise and trip to Walt Disney World!

12.)  Continue Happily Ever Hatter's Growth- I've made a few new designs this year, but I'm working on a lot more!  I've got a ton of supplies.  Now I just need to make them!

13.)  Have a Disney Themed Party- We haven't had a Disney themed party yet, but I'm working on one for our official housewarming party this fall!

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14.)  Take an Online Storyboard Class, Online Art Class- I'm still working on this.  I've seriously got to get a move on if I'm going to finish it!  Maybe I can at least start the class!

15.)  Design an Imagineering Project- I've got a few ideas for this project.  I'm hoping to at least start sketching something out soon.

16.)  Read Disney Books- I have a few books I'm getting ready to start.  Now that things are quieting down for the summer, I'm looking forward to curling up and reading a good book!

17.)  Paint Disney Art- I have so many things I want to paint.  Hopefully I can get working on these sooner than later!  We've certainly got plenty of wall space in our new house!

18.)  Prep for D23 Expo 2017- I'm still working on a costume idea... got any suggestions?

19.)  Design a Miniature Scene- I have so many ideas for this!  My list is huge.  I haven't settled on a design, but I'm sure I'll think of something.  Maybe I'll make one for a holiday.

20.)  Work on Top Secret Blog Ideas- The stage has been set... I've got quite a few new business ideas in the works.  I've also got a lot of ideas for my blog.  If I can get my laptop running efficiently, I'm hoping that I can post some of those over the next few months!

I'm feeling really good about this year's goals!  I feel like I've already taken a good chunk out of them.  I'm not half way done the goals, but I feel like I'm in a good position to finish the year strong!  175 days to go!  Time for me to get cracking!!!  °o°

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