Friday, July 22, 2016

Fun Find: Elephant & Mouse

Hi friends!  I hope you enjoyed my Disneyland April trip recap from last week!  I really enjoyed reliving my memories through photos!  I've taken a blogging break the past few days to get caught up on a few other things.  But now, I'd like to return to our regularly scheduled programming and what better way to get back into the swing of things than by having a Fun Find Friday!  Today, I'm featuring Elephant and Mouse!

I first discovered Maggie's shop through Instagram.  I immediately fell in love with her ear designs and had to see more.  From her Instagram page, I hopped over to her online Etsy shop where I instantly favorited a ton of her designs.

When I discovered Elephant and Mouse, I was preparing for my trip to Disneyland, so I purchased a pair of Maggie's "Disney Park Doodles" ears with a fun hot pink bow.  A few weeks later, they arrived at our house!  Not only were they stunning, but they're sturdy and made exceptionally well.  And the pattern placement and scale was perfect.

Maggie was a pleasure to work with.  She messaged me as soon as I placed my ear order.  She was really easy to talk with and very nice.  I told her that I also run an Etsy shop and we bonded over the trials and tribulations of ear making and fabric ordering.

Over the past few months, I've watched her Instagram account closely, and when she listed her Epcot Flower and Garden Festival Spaceship Earth Ears, I knew I needed to get some.  Maggie created her own pattern of Spaceship Earth with a floral design.  I ordered some with a custom bow of hot pink and yellow.  I wanted something fun and bright to match the ears!  I absolutely love how they turned out.  They're beautiful!

During that transaction, I also ordered the People Mover Ears.  The People Mover at the Magic Kingdom is totally underrated.  It's a favorite of my family, and I have many fond memories of zipping around Tomorrowland.  (My personal favorite was when my Nana suddenly thought she was actually riding on Space Mountain... but that's another story!)  These ears are so cute.  I love the little People Mover cars.  And the shimmery silver bow is perfect for futuristic Tomorrowland!

Maggie has a ton of other original designs.  Some more of my personal favorites are her Mickey Waffle ears, Fastpass Ears, 50's Prime Time ears, MagicBand ears and her newest: the Spaceship Earth flower crown design.  I want them all!!!

In fact, I couldn't not get the Spaceship Earth flower crown with the beautiful jewel tone flowers.  I love how these turned out and I bought them as soon as Maggie opened her shop.  They'll be here in a few weeks so I can wear them at Walt Disney World this fall!

At the moment, Maggie's shop is closed so she can work on the orders she took last week.  Her shop opens up again on July 27th!  (Watch her Instagram account for more information!)  And if you want a pair, make sure you set an alarm like I did!  This past opening, the 15 slots sold out in about 2-3 minutes!  But Maggie's ears are totally worth it!  I make mouse ears myself, and I can tell you these are excellent quality!

I'm so glad I discovered Elephant and Mouse!  I'm sure that over time, I'm going to have quite the collection of ears from Maggie!  °o°

Note: All of these photos are from Elephant and Mouse's Etsy and Instagram pages. Maggie owns the copyright on them.  Please do not use them without her permission. 

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