Saturday, July 16, 2016

Happy Anniversary BJ & Katie

Hi friends!  I hope you've enjoyed the past few days of my recap of my April trip to Disneyland!  Today, we're going back a little further in time.  Five years ago today, it was a beautiful July day here in Maine.  Eliot and I were up from Boston for a very special event: "North: The Royal Wedding of Will and Kate."  Ok... not that Will and Kate, but my favorite Will and Kate: our fab five friends, BJ and Katie!

The wedding was near both of their hometowns in central Maine.  Eliot and I met up with my bestie Katie D the day before.  Eliot was in the wedding party so he stayed overnight at BJ's parents' house with the other groomsmen.  (Eliot and BJ shared a bed... and that's another whole story.  They continued the "tradition" the night before our wedding too.)  Meanwhile, Katie D and I were having girl time at a local hotel.

The morning of July 16th, 2011, Katie D and I went out to breakfast, got ready and met up with the guys.   We took a ton of photos before heading over to the church.

The boys looked so nice all dressed up!  And I spy some hidden Mickeys!

BJ and Katie decided to have a Broadway/Disney themed wedding.  (Which, if you know them, was the perfect theme!)  Their wedding colors were black and red.

The ceremony was perfect.  We had great seats to watch our friends say I do.  Katie was absolutely beautiful in her wedding gown.  And I loved the Mickey in her bouquet!

Katie D and I weren't officially part of the wedding party, but we dressed in color coordinating outfits.  I was especially proud of our matching nails and red, white and black accessories.  I even had Minnie Mouse polka dots on my toes!

After the ceremony concluded, we congratulated our friends before rushing over to the reception ahead of most of the wedding guests.  The decorations were awesome!

Our job was to help seat everyone once they arrived at the reception.  We took French in high school and BJ thought we might be able to help people navigate their way to their tables!  I think we did alright!  We definitely had a few laughs!

Katie D and I said hello to the wedding party before making our way to our seats.  BJ and Katie put on their bride and groom Mickey and Minnie ear hats!  BJ was excited!

Once everyone was seated, the wedding party was all announced.  Then, BJ and Katie made their grand entrance as husband and wife!  They had their first dance.

They had fun and a few laughs while cutting their cake.

I loved their wedding cake!  It had little hidden Mickeys in the spots on the cake.  They also had a great Mickey and Minnie cake topper!

The food was delicious!  Katie D and I had a blast talking to everyone at our table.

The DJ also made sure to keep things fun.  We played a funny drinking game at our table and Katie D had quite a bit of her apple martini.  It was hilarious.

As you can see, we took a ton of photos!

BJ and his Mom had their mother/son dance.

Katie and her Dad did a father/daughter dance and song!  It was so cool!

Of course, there was tons of dancing.  BJ and Eliot even shared a special moment during the dollar dance.  (I don't know what we're going to do with those two...)

We had a ton of fun at the photo booth.  Katie D and I went in it with Eliot, and another time with BJ's dad.  (It was so funny.)  Later in the night, we tried to cram the two of us girls, Eliot and BJ into it.  The resulting photos speak for themselves.

Eventually, the reception ended and we took one last photo which was my favorite.

It was a great day!  I'm so happy we could be there for their special day!  Today, BJ and Katie are five years into their happily ever after!  They've had many adventures together since "North: The Royal Wedding of Will and Kate".

Happy 5th Anniversary BJ and Katie!  I hope you have a fantastic weekend and we wish you many more years of happily ever after.  We love you guys!!!  °o°

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