Thursday, July 7, 2016

4th of July Weekend 2016

Eliot and I had a wonderful 4th of July weekend!  We spent the weekend up in Bar Harbor visiting my parents and Nana!  Jeremy was also able to come home.  It was nice to get away for a weekend!  And we couldn't have asked for better weather!

Eliot and I began our journey Saturday after dropping Elissa off at the airport.  We wanted to stick around Portland long enough to know she had boarded her plane and was all set.  We decided to drive over towards the mall to go to Books A Million.  We don't go there very often, but Eliot had a book he was looking for.  We didn't find his book, but we did find a ton of Disney puzzles and books.  I also discovered some Haunted Mansion comic books that ended up coming home with us!

Afterwards, we began the three hour drive north.  We stopped at Target in Augusta since I knew they had some shoes I was looking for.  They had a huge display of Disney shoes that were all 50% off!  (They were $10 a pair!)  Eliot tried them on and he ended up getting a pair of Donald Duck sneakers.  I finally found my black and pink Minnie shoes.  We also grabbed a pair of Mickey and Minnie ear hat shoes for Elissa.

We made a few other stops on the way home.  Eliot wanted to go to Kohl's so we stopped at two of those.  We bought some BB-8 towels at the Augusta store.  They don't match any of our bathroom themes, but they were really cute.  We've been looking at them for a while now.  They'll make great work out towels!

We also stopped in the Hobby Lobby in Bangor.  We don't have one in Portland so I love to check it out when I get a chance.  I bought the Cinderella print I'd seen in the Manchester, NH store a few weeks ago.  I also found a Disney Princess sign that I'm going to put in my office.  Finally, I got another princess fashion sketch book.

Eliot and I arrived at my parents' house around dinner time.  We visited with Mom, Dad and Nana.  Jeremy arrived a little later.  Dad, Jeremy, Eliot and I decided to go get ice cream before bed.  I got a bowl of cookie dough with rainbow sprinkles.  Yum!

Sunday morning, Mom and Dad made us breakfast.  We knew things would be too busy the morning of the 4th, so we had a 4th of July themed breakfast on the 3rd instead.  Mom got out all of her 4th of July dishes.  It was delicious.  Then we spent a lazy morning relaxing and hanging out at the house.  Mid-day, Dad, Eliot and Jeremy went to Wal-Mart and Home Depot to help Dad get a few things.  I made plans with my friend Katie to go for a ride later in the day.

As soon as the guys got back, I grabbed Eliot and we went to Katie's house.  Katie had surgery a few weeks ago and she's been cooped up for a few weeks.  We thought it would be nice to ride around the Park Loop Road of Acadia National Park.  We took our time and enjoyed ourselves.  Katie's great dane puppy, Jasper, slept the entire ride.

After dropping Katie and Jasper off, Eliot and I met my family at the Fuddrucker's in Ellsworth.  I love their burgers!  The rest of the night, we relaxed and hung out at home.  We knew we'd be up early the next day to go into Bar Harbor!

Monday morning, Jeremy, Eliot and I got ready and headed into Bar Harbor.  I was really excited to finally debut the dress I'd designed for the 4th of July!!!  I also had my new red, white and blue Minnie Mouse shoes on, as well as my new Mickey brooch from LilSweetumsBowtique.  It was the perfect Disney 4th of July outfit!

We parked at the school and walked down to where my parents and Nana were sitting for the parade.  Once we were settled in, Eliot and I left to go around the corner to visit Katie at work for a few minutes.  We'd told her about having dinner at Fuddrucker's and she said she still hadn't been but really wanted to go.

After visiting for a bit, we went back to our parade spot.  Before I knew it, the parade was there.  I enjoyed it as I always do.  It's a small town parade with a lot of local businesses participating and making their own floats.  This year, the theme of the parade was "Acadia's Centennial" so there were a lot of Acadia National Park 100th birthday themed floats.  I really enjoyed all the ones with birthday cakes.

We saw the local fire trucks, including Trenton, my hometown and Dad's volunteer fire department.  There was a bicycle with a puppet promoting the local puppeteers.  The shiners were there with their go karts.  We also saw the shiners characters including Mickey, Goofy, Buzz Lightyear, Woody and Olaf!  Mickey shook Dad's hand and I made sure to show him my Mickey flag dress.  (The funniest part was that Mickey responded "Nice!" and he even sounded like Mickey.)

After the parade was over, we decided to go down to Agamont Park.  We usually go to the Epi and then the park, but none of us were that hungry.  We found a spot in the shade down by the water and shore path.  We relaxed and enjoyed the free birthday cake that was being given out for Acadia's birthday.  (I had to be a smarty pants and take a picture of my "Cake By the Ocean.")  Eliot and I also took a few photos of my Mickey American flag dress.  I wanted some nice ones down by the water!

It was such a beautiful day.  When we had our fill of the park, we all went back home to rest.  Jeremy had to drive home since he worked early Tuesday.  After he left, Eliot and I took naps for a bit.  When we got up, we picked Katie up and took her to Fuddrucker's for dinner.  After, she treated us to ice cream before heading home.

Once we returned home, Eliot and I went back into town with Mom and Dad for the fireworks.  Mom and Dad had a quick meal at the Epi and then we made our way to "our spot" down near the water.  It was pretty crowded, but we still had a great view.  I actually broadcasted the entire fireworks show live on my Facebook page.  (Katie was disappointed that she wouldn't be able to see it, and I figured there were others who might enjoy it!)  The show was a little over 25 minutes long and it was impressive!  For a small town, Bar Harbor really does a good job.

The next morning, Eliot and I slept in and relaxed at home for a bit before our drive home to Southern Maine.  Honestly, we also realized that pre-registration for the Princess Half Marathon Weekend opened at noon, and we wanted to register.  We couldn't do that in the car.  So we stayed at my parents' house until Eliot successfully got me registered for Princess, and then packed up the car and drove home.

We had a wonderful weekend visiting my family.  We're already planning to go back in a few weeks when the island is less busy.  We want to visit the Jordan Pond House, Pirates Cove and a few of our other favorites when they're less crowded!  We really enjoyed our 4th of July in Bar Harbor!  They always put on a great weekend!  °o°


  1. love these stories of yours....

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoy them! Sometimes I wonder if I'm just boring everyone to death! Haha! :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Debbie! I'm very proud of how my dress came out! I'm hoping to make some available to others in the near future! :-)