Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Bob Iger Steps Down as CEO

Yesterday afternoon, the world was shocked upon discovering that Bob Iger was stepping down as CEO of the Walt Disney Company- effective immediately.  I have to admit, the news threw me for a bit of a loop too.  It was sudden and the news of it spread quickly.  I first heard when multiple Disney sites that I follow on Facebook all posted about it at the same time and it completely filled my newsfeed.

Basically, here's a quick run down of everything that unfolded yesterday.  Bob Iger stepped down and now Bob Chapek is the new CEO.  Iger will stay on as an executive chairman while still overseeing the creative endeavors.  It sounds like Chapek will start to take over the business side of the job.  Iger will stay with Disney to the end of his December 31, 2021 contract giving Chapek 22 months to fully transfer into the role.

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Bob Iger first took over the CEO job in 2005 and he's done so much for Disney since then.  Without him, who knows if Disney would have acquired Pixar, Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios and 21st Century Fox.  He's also been a champion for expanding the creative side of the company.  Under his leadership, we got Star Wars Land, Toy Story Land, Avatar, a re-designed California Adventure, the Shanghai Disney Resort, more Disney Cruise ships on order and so much more.

I have to admit, I'm still a bit dumbfounded.  I suppose, it's something we all knew was coming.  Iger had announced that he was planning to retire at the end of 2021.  But still, I wasn't quite ready for him to be done.  I've been a huge fan of Bob Iger.  I think he's done a lot of great things creatively for Disney and I'm very relieved that he's going to help oversee the creative changes coming to Epcot in the next year or so.

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Bob Chapek is only the 7th CEO of the Walt Disney Company.  I'm not really sure what happens next for the company as a whole.  I've heard mixed reviews about Chapek and his philosophy about the theme park experiences.  I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I'm a little anxious, but I'll wait to see what he does before I make any opinions.  The bar has certainly been set very high.

Changes in life are inevitable.  This is just the start of another chapter in the Disney story.  Walt taught us to "keep moving forward" so that's what we do.  And to Bob Iger, Thank you for everything you've done for Disney over the past 15 years.  °o°

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