Thursday, February 20, 2020

Halfway Point: 30 Things to Do During My 30's List

We've reached the halfway mark!  My 35th birthday was exactly three months ago so I thought it was time to check in on my 30 Things to Do During My 30's List.  

To recap: I decided to make this list after discovering that a lot of people make 30 things to do before turning 30 lists.  I didn't have time to do it before I turned 30, so I decided to make one for myself while I was in my thirties.  Then, I kicked off my 30th year with a Rapunzel and Tangled themed birthday party.  Instead of looking at turning 30 with dread like most people do, I chose to look at it as the next big adventure.  

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I've been really excited about this bucket list for the most part.  However, I recently decided to make a few changes to my list.  (The changes that I made last year are in red.)  Priorities and passions change over time, so I decided to change my list to reflect that.  I've also gone ahead and crossed off all the goals that I've accomplished so far.  

Here's where my goal list is now that I'm halfway through my thirties:  

30 Things To Do During My 30's (Updated List):
  1. Visit Disneyland During the 60th Anniversary 
  2. Buy Our First House 
  3. Go On Our First Disney Cruise
  4. Get a Puppy
  5. Have Kids
  6. Attend a D23 Convention
  7. Ride in the Lily Belle Train Car
  8. Go to Disney for Dapper Day
  9. Ride a Horse
  10. Get My Photo Taken with Every Disney Princess
  11. Visit Pixar Studios
  12. Go on a Christmas Disney Cruise
  13. Visit Walt Disney World during the 50th Anniversary
  14. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
  15. Go to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party
  16. Take a Walk in Walt's Footsteps Tour
  17. Read a Book in French
  18. Finish 5 Disney Races of Any Distance
  19. Go to Aulani
  20. Visit the Walt Disney Family Museum
  21. Swim with a Dolphin
  22. Go on all of the Opening Day Attractions at Disneyland in one day
  23. Reach Gold Level in DCL Castaway Club
  24. Visit Disney Animation Studios
  25. Travel Somewhere New
  26. Go to a Disney Christmas Parade Taping
  27. Learn 10 New Crafting Techniques or Mediums
  28. Go to the Magic Kingdom on it's 50th Birthday (October 1st of 2021)
  29. Launch Other Business Ideas
  30. Have a 10th Anniversary Vow Renewal
As of right now, I have 9 of these goals crossed off.  I know that logic says that I should be halfway done with them since we're past the halfway point, but a few of these goals are pretty close to being done.  Plus, I'm feeling like I'll have quite a few more checked off within the next two years.  I've got a private list in my Notes on my phone, iPad and both computers with all of the specific details.  So no, I'm not exactly halfway through checking things off the list... but some of them I have to wait a few more years to complete.  (I'm looking at you WDW 50th anniversary goals!)

Once I'm nearing the end of my thirties, I'm thinking that I'll do 3 posts with a recap of 10 goals on each.  I also have a list of cool things I've done in my 30's that I wasn't expecting to do!  That's shaping up to be a fun list that I'll share in another post, or two depending on how much I have to share!

Overall, I'm feeling pretty good about this so far.  I'm looking forward to crossing a few more of these goals off soon!  On to the next adventure!!!  °o°

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