Saturday, February 29, 2020

Leap Year Day 2020

Happy Leap Year Day!!!  February 29th only comes around every four years.  To me, that makes it a special day like a holiday.  How did you spend your "bonus" day?

Four years ago, I told you all that I was spending my extra day of the year working on stuff that I had been putting off.  Nowadays, that feels like every day, so I took a totally different approach this time around- I simply lived in the moment.

This morning, Eliot and I got up really early to drive the 2 hours down to Burlington, MA to meet my brother Jeremy at our closest Disney Store.  (Please bring one back to Portland and Maine!)  As I've said, we're collecting the Disney Store keys.  Today, they released a Tigger key for the Leap Year!  Of course, Tigger is one of my favorite Disney characters, so here we are!  I love that they made a Tigger key!

All three of us ended up buying things from the new Disney Eats ice cream collection in order to meet the $15 minimum to get the free key.  I was really excited to add a few items to our kitchen collection!  After we left the Disney Store, we headed over to the Lego Store to check out the new Disney and Harry Potter Lego sets.  Then, we went to the food court for slices of pizza since none of us had eaten breakfast.  After that, we walked out to our car, said goodbye to Jeremy and headed back to Maine.  It was a quick trip down, but it was nice to visit with Jeremy- even if it was only for a little bit!

Of course, I like to dress up for holidays, but instead of going all out in orange and stripes to channel Tigger, I decided to take my cue from another one of my favorite characters.  Since we're celebrating having an extra magical day of the year, I decided to dress in casual Sorcerer Mickey Disneybound style!!!  

I really love how my outfit turned out!  I wore my comfy black leggings with a red long sleeve shirt.  Over that I wore my red buffalo plaid shirt.  Then, I added my Cakeworthy Sorcerer Mickey hat that I bought years ago.  It's a low-key, casual Disneybound, but I had fun wearing it.  But, I have to admit I'm shocked that no one said anything about my hat when I wore it at the Disney Store.  I figured Disney fans crazy enough to line up ahead of the mall opening for a key would recognize my hat!  Oh well; I loved it!

Eliot and I definitely had a great day!  I wore a fun outfit and ended the day with new Disney ice cream bowls and matching spoons, and three Tigger keys!  No matter how you spent it, I hope you had a wonderful and magical Leap Year day!!!  °o°

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  1. Sounds like a fun time! So glad you are blogging more frequently again...jv