Friday, February 26, 2021

Goodbye Old Logo

I mentioned recently that I'm working on updating my blog.  I'm ready to update and refresh... and this place has been the same since I started it back in May of 2013.  It's definitely time for a makeover!!!  And that means, as part of the process of updating my blog, it's time to say goodbye to my original blog header and logo.

I made my logo back at the very beginning.  After learning how to input photos into text, I was well on my way to creating something that was quite personal.  I always thought that I'd do a post with more detail on each of the photos, but I never got around to it.  (Better late than never right?)  So, before she rides off into the sunset, I thought that I'd give a little more information about the photos that have graced the top of my blog and my blog's Facebook page for the past eight years.

M- Mickey and Minnie Wedding Photo
Eliot's and my photo with Mickey and Minnie while we cut our wedding cake was one of my favorite pictures from our wedding day.  Obviously, I had to include it!

Y- Melissa and Mickey
This is my first picture with Mickey Mouse from when I was a child!

D- Melissa and Eliot on Cinderella's Castle (pictured below)
I loved our castle photos from our Magic Kingdom wedding photo shoot.  We were so excited that we got to go up the stairs of Cinderella's Castle!

I- Magic Kingdom Fireworks * * * 
I've always loved the night shows at Disney and what's a day at the Magic Kingdom without watching the fireworks over Cinderella Castle?

S- Sorcerer's Hat at Hollywood Studios * * * 
I've seen a lot of changes at Hollywood Studios through the years, but I loved the giant Sorcerer Mickey Hat.  I had to include it in my blog logo.

N- Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland * * * 
When I made my logo in 2013, I'd only been to Disneyland once with Eliot's family in 2009.  I hadn't fallen head over heels for it yet, but a few years later I would.

E- Spaceship Earth at Epcot * * * 
I had to put Spaceship Earth's texture in the "E" for Epcot.  I really love how it looks!

Y- Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom * * * 
I finished the word Disney with the last WDW park icon- Animal Kingdom's Tree of Life!

L- Cinderella Castle lit up with Christmas Ice Lights * * * 
I love the celebrating the holidays at Disney parks so I represented them with a photo of Cinderella Castle lit up with the ice lights.

I- Melissa and Eliot at Magic Kingdom Train Station (pictured above)
This was a photo taken right after Eliot and I got our first WDW annual passes back in April of 2012.  They were a gift from Disney Fairy Tale Weddings and we had just gotten the actual tickets at the Magic Kingdom Guest Services window.

F- Walt Disney Partners Statue at the Magic Kingdom * * * 
It might have all started with a mouse, but it wouldn't be anywhere without the man behind the mouse.  I had to make sure that Walt Disney was represented in my logo.

E- Melissa and Sorcerer Mickey
This photo of me and Sorcerer Mickey was taken at Hollywood Studios while we were on Eliot's second trip to Walt Disney World together back in 2010.

I also wanted to note that the photos with asterisks beside them (* * *) are all photos that I found after a quick Google search online.  This was before I knew how to properly credit photo sources online and unfortunately I have no idea where I found them.  I can't find the original images that I used to make the logo as they are all currently being held hostage on my old, dead laptop.  Lesson learned!

Of course, the photos in the logo are all cropped down to the outline of the letter so you can't see a lot of the other details.  Jeremy was completely cropped out of the first "Y" photo.   I had to find photos where the subjects would fit into the proper shape.  It took a lot of time to get the design and photos correct, but I was happy with the result.  I've loved my logo, the memories it evokes and how personal it is to me.

However, at the same time it feels old and stale at this point.  I've changed a lot in the past eight years since starting this blog.  It's time that I get a newer and more modern logo design that reflects me and what I dream for the future of my blog!

And there you have it- the story behind the photos used in my first blog logo!  Goodbye old friend.  Thank you for serving me well for the past 8 years.  °o°

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