Sunday, February 14, 2021

Valentine's Day 2021

Happy Valentine's Day!!!  I hope you had a day filled with love and friendship!  

Eliot and I have had a quiet weekend at home.  We didn't have any big plans (surprise, surprise) considering the ongoing pandemic so we decided to spend time at home relaxing.  Originally, I had hoped that we'd make some headway with house projects, but it became pretty clear that Eliot needed a weekend to rest.  (He fell asleep in the chair a few times while watching television.)

Yesterday, we didn't do too much.  We stayed up late on the phone Friday night with Eliot's youngest sister Elissa.  (Last week, she decided to start a blog so we were on the phone with her helping to set up her website.)  We also wanted to be the first to wish her a Happy Birthday since her birthday was Saturday.  After sleeping in, Eliot and I spent most of the day watching television.  The Sharks had a 4:00 afternoon game so that took up the bulk of our evening.  Then, we watched a few Hallmark movies while the Christmas tree was lit in a festive red, pink and white.

Today, we got a little bit more done.  We had a Zoom call with Eliot's family.  Then, we cooked breakfast and enjoyed that while watching a Hallmark movie.  Then, we got a few things cleaned up around the house.  Eliot worked on mouse ears while I finished the pieces for our sample for our Valentine's Day social media photo (shown above).

As for the Valentine's Day holiday, we didn't do too much to celebrate this year.  Eliot and I usually wait to go out to dinner because everyone goes out to restaurants on Valentine's Day.  Plus, our dating anniversary is 2 weeks from now, so we tend to go out between Valentine's Day and the 28th instead.  I wanted to be more excited about Valentine's Day since I love holidays, but I think I'm suffering from pandemic fatigue and I didn't feel like doing much.  Pajamas and watching tv together sounded perfect.

However, we still had a wonderful day.  Eliot bought me a box of milk chocolates with Olaf on the cover.  I also have strawberries, marshmallows and bananas to make chocolate covered treats with sometime this week.  I also got green apples and still have plenty of caramel left over from my experiment last month.  It turned out well so I'll probably make myself candy apple slices again in addition to the other treats!

All in all, I think spending a quiet weekend of relaxation at home was just what the doctor ordered.  I feel rested and refreshed so I can tackle the rest of this week!  °o°

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