Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Checking In On My 2020 Disney Goals

Happy July Everyone!!!  We are officially at the halfway point of 2020.  (Did you ever think that we'd finally make it here?)  This year has already been a rollercoaster ride.  I don't think any of us could have predicted that 2020 would have looked quite like this.

Back in January, I posted 20 of my Disney Goals for 2020 and had really high hopes for this year.  Thankfully, most of those goals were pretty home-centric after our whirlwind period of traveling last year and early this year.  I wanted to focus on making magic in our normal, daily lives.  Of course, nothing about this year has been "normal".  Now that we're halfway into this disaster of a year, I've decided that it was time to check in on my goals.  Some of them are far-fetched at this point, so it's a good time to reevaluate and re-focus those goals so that I still achieve something.  Here's a quick rundown of how each of these goals is progressing:

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Melissa's Blog and Disney Goals for 2020

1.) Go to Walt Disney World- Thankfully, Eliot and I did this back in January when we went to Florida with my cousin and her family.  Otherwise, this goal wouldn't still be on the list.

2.) Get a Puppy and Give it a Disney Name- This is one of those goals that may or may not happen this year.  Things haven't been spectacular in the small business department, so taking on another mouth to feed isn't the wisest decision.  Instead, I'm working on cleaning the house, preparing for a puppy, and doing research.

3.) Work on Disney Scrapbooks- I need to break this stuff out of storage and get working!

4.) Decorate the House for the Holidays- This is another thing that I'm working on.  If we can't go out and about to enjoy the holidays, we might as well enjoy them at home.

5.) Rebrand Blog and Social Media- This is the perfect time to do this too!

6.) Be More Active on Social Media- I've been more active on my business accounts but I still need to start focusing more on my personal @mydisneylifeblog account.

7.) Refocus on Travel Agent Job- This has been quite a year for travel.  Honestly, I'm glad I didn't have many clients traveling during all of this.  I know it's been really stressful for my TA friends- especially those who do this full time.  I'm hoping to get back into this more later on this year.  For now, I'm taking a step back from it while the pandemic plays out.

8.) Make Disney Decor for the Holidays- I love making customized holiday decor!  I've got a few things that I'm getting supplies for.  Hopefully, you'll see some new designs soon!

9.) Make Disney Accessories- As you know, my spring sewing class was cancelled.  I had a lot of hopes to work on projects in class, but I'm still hoping to do some stuff at home.  I've got ideas for a few new projects that don't require sewing as well.

10.) Have Disney Movie Nights- I haven't watched as much Disney+ as one would think- but I've watched a few movies during quarantine; I'm sure I'll watch plenty more this year!

11.) Have Disney Board Game Nights- Eliot and I need to do this.  No excuses.

12.) Disneybound/Themed Outfit Challenge- I had high hopes for this, but now that I'm pretty much living in pajamas and sweats, I don't know what'll happen with this.  However, I have spent a lot of time organizing my clothes.  I also just started organizing my accessories so hopefully this will be easy to do once all of that is organized!

13.) Have a Disney Themed Party- I love throwing parties.  I had really wanted to throw our housewarming party this year but that's not happening.  Instead, I'm going to focus on getting the house finished.  Maybe I'll make some party plans and write down ideas, but we won't be having an actual party here anytime soon.

14.) Take an Online Class- This goal has been on my list for years.  This year, I took the plunge and signed up for a few online classes.  Then, I signed up for a few more.  Now, I just need to add them into my weekly schedule.  Hopefully, by the end of the year, I'll have done a few of the classes and have learned something.

15.) Design an Imagineering Project- Eliot and I love brainstorming about new attractions, restaurants, stores, parade floats, shows, and hotel resorts.  I have an idea for a small scale project.  Hopefully, I can start to get things together for that soon!

16.) Read Disney Books- I have so many wonderful books.  I did finally start re-reading the Hunger Games series.  I'm hoping to read a lot more the second half of this year.

17.) Paint Disney Art- I have so many fun ideas!  This is on my current to do list too.

18.) Decorate House with Disney Touches- I've got so many fun ideas.  Over the past few weeks, I've added so many new ideas to my list.  I'm working on getting supplies for a lot of projects.  Stay tuned for more of this too.

19.) Launch Clothing Line- I really need to focus on this goal.  I haven't spent much time on this, but I want to get this launched soon... maybe later this summer/early fall!

20.) Launch Home Decor Business- Eliot and I took a big step towards accomplishing this goal two weekends ago- by setting up our new machine in the basement.  Next up on the agenda... is learning how to use it.  Once we start playing with it, I expect new products and designs will start coming quickly!  Keep an eye out for those!!!

So, that's where I stand with my 2020 goals right now.  Obviously, I still have a lot of projects to accomplish.  I'm a little bummed out that I haven't accomplished more during quarantine these past few months.  But, behind the scenes, we'e made a lot of progress on finishing the house.  I've also done a lot of organizational things on my computer and in my notes that will pay dividends in the long run.  I really have accomplished more this year than I feel like I have in a long time... so that's progress!!!

And I still have 6 more months to conquer this list.  I'm feeling pretty good about these 2020 goals.  I still have plenty of time to accomplish things!  Plus, I need something to look forward to and ways to stay positive.  After all, my 2020 word of the year was POSITIVITY.  (I never knew how appropriate that would end up being.)  I've had a lot of moments this past few months that have felt hopeless, but at the end of the day, I'm trying to focus on the positive.

What's the positive for 2020?  I don't know yet.  (I'm not sure any of us know right now.)  But, if I can get most of these goals finished by the end of the year, I think that will be the light at the end of the tunnel... as least for for me.  I want to feel like I became a better, more whole person by the end of this year, and by the end of this pandemic.  We make our own magic and I'm going to use that as my motivation for the remainder of 2020.  Let's do this.  °o°

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