Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Walt Disney World is Open Part 2

Today, Epcot and Hollywood Studios have both re-opened at Walt Disney World.

While I'm excited to see peoples' posts of the parks and magic, the world still feels completely upside down to me.  I can't seem to shake my incredibly mixed feelings about theme parks re-opemning.  I'm so excited for people who want to go back to experience the magic in person.  The practically empty parks look like a dream to take photographs in.  Part of me longs to be there when no one else is.

But at the same time, we're still in the middle of a world-wide pandemic.  Yes, it might not be quite as serious and deadly as they originally expected.  But the truth of the matter, is that it spreads easily, and that we don't know the long term effects of those who become infected.  I just... I can't seem to shake my feelings of fear.

And I'll own that.  Yes, I'm afraid.  Afraid that it will spread like wildfire if someone goes to Disney with it.  Afraid that cast members will get it.  Afraid that people who don't feel well will still go into Disney to try to salvage their vacations.  Afraid that this is what theme parks are going to look like for the next year, or two.  When you have a mother who keeps going into the hospital for surgeries and is vulnerable, you're afraid.

But, at the same time, it feels so good to know that there's something that still feels somewhat "normal".  That's a funny word... normal.  It's meaning has changed a lot to me these past few months.  The theme park experience right now is certainly not normal.  But somehow seeing posts of the castle and all of the landmarks and attractions that I know and love makes me feel some sense of normalcy.

I implore you, if you're going to the parks (or anywhere for that matter), please be kind, courteous and patient.  Most guests have made the transition of re-opening seamless and magical.  However, I've heard reports of a few guests that haven't made it easy on cast members.  They really are trying their absolute best.  We're all doing our best.

The world desperately needs more magic right now.  Have courage and be kind. °o°

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