Saturday, December 26, 2020

A New Christmas Tradition

What’d you get your family for Christmas this year?  This year, Eliot and I got my family a new Christmas morning tradition.  

I was pretty bummed back when I wasn’t sure if Disney would still be doing a Christmas morning parade show.  We’ve watched it every year Christmas morning since I can remember- except when I was 12 and we were physically in Walt Disney World for Christmas… and that stupid time a few years ago when we lost our power Christmas morning. (Yep, I’m still salty about that one.)

Before I knew that I’d still be able to go to my happy place Christmas morning, I decided to get something that we’d be able to use to make a new Christmas tradition, and so we could remember all of our magical trips, whether ABC had the Disney Christmas special on television or not.  Eliot and I have been keeping this secret for a few months now and I've been so excited about it!

Yesterday, we had Mom and Dad open it after we opened our stockings.  With the gift came a poem that I spent a few days drafting before it invoked the right feelings.  My Mom has written little poems like this in the past so it seemed like the perfect way to present the present.  It goes like this: 

"This is the gift that just keeps on giving.
Now every Christmas morning is like a mini Thanksgiving!

Memories of meals with our magical friends,
We’re always so sad when the cruise or trip ends.

But we can relive all the magic right here in our house, 
With waffles in the shape of our favorite mouse!"

Everyone enjoyed the gift.  Eliot helped me with the mix and then he manned the waffle station.  We all enjoyed the yummy waffles and they were a perfect addition.  

Now, every Christmas we’ll be able to eat Mickey waffles- shaped just like the ones at the parks and on the cruise ships.  I have no idea how many Mickey waffles I’ve eaten in my life, but these ones eaten at our family’s traditional Christmas morning breakfast are sure to be just as sweet as any that we’ve eaten before.

Merry Christmouse!!!  °o°

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