Monday, December 21, 2020

'Tis the Season

Hello Friends!  I'm sorry that I haven't checked in for so long.  (I think September was the last time I updated you on our crazy life.)  As you can imagine, things here have been busy... 'tis the season, right?  The holiday season, from Halloween to the New Year's Day, is my favorite time of the year and it's always the busiest.  I always have to make sure I take a few moments to stop and appreciate the moment as we're in it.

Honestly, you haven't missed much.  For the most part, Eliot and I have been busy working on orders for Snowblade Creations and Happily Ever Hatter.  We sent out our last batch of holiday packages this past Saturday, and both of our shops are closed for the week so we can take the week off and enjoy the holidays.  It feels so good to have completed this momentous task!

Other than that, it's 2020, so things have been pretty chill overall.  However, Eliot and I have had some fun moments over the past few months.  We enjoyed our trip to the Disney Store before Massachusetts banned us from traveling there again.  We had a bunch of fun celebrating Halloween with our neighborhood.  Of course, we celebrated my 36th birthday!  Here's an overview of a few other fun moments you've missed.

Eliot and I did our civic duty and went to the polls on November 3rd to vote.  Like the rest of the country, we sat at the edge of our seat waiting for the election results to come in.  At times, it felt like slow torture... we were so relieved when it was over!

We had a few ridiculously warm days in November.  In fact, it was over 70 degrees on November 10th!  Eliot took that afternoon off and we went to Old Orchard Beach to have a picnic.  We picked up food from Amato's and went to the beach where we found an empty bench away from everyone.  We were there for at least an hour eating, relaxing, and enjoying the view and weather.  It was a nice moment before the winter.

Our outdoor Halloween decorations were taken down to make way for a few new Christmas ones.  We didn't put out that many Christmas decorations this year, but Eliot did finally buy himself a few of the little Christmas trees he's been eyeing for years.  He also finally made his little pond.  Unfortunately, our little white deer to go around the pond are buried behind things in the garage... maybe next year!

Eliot and I drove up to my parents' house for Thanksgiving where we enjoyed the holiday with my brother Jeremy, my parents and Nana.  It was definitely weird due to COVID, but we made the best of it.  During our Thanksgiving meal, the three of us "kids" sat at one table while Mom, Dad and Nana sat at another.  The rest of the time, we kept our masks on unless we were in the other room away from each other.  It was uncomfortable at times, but we wanted to do everything in our power to keep everyone safe.  It was well worth our efforts and the food was amazing!

We spent Black Friday relaxing at home for the most part.  Eliot and I found a few deals and sales online.  I bought things from some small shops that I was really excited about!  I also got a few deals on some new Disney clothing and accessories!

That Friday afternoon, we drove into Bar Harbor and took a walk along the pier and shore path.  I haven't walked it in a while so it was really nice.  It was slow going because I kept stopping to take photos.  Plus, Mom needed to rest every once in a while.  She walked quite a ways considering it's the first time she's walked that far in over a year!  After our walk, we drove around town a few times to enjoy the sights.

After our Bar Harbor adventure, we all drove up to Ellsworth to pick out a Christmas tree.  I can't remember the last time Jeremy and I helped pick out a tree for Mom and Dad's house, but it's been a while.  When we were little, we used to pick one out from the woods behind our house.  More recently, we've started to get them from local tree lots.  Eliot has never gone with us to pick one out, so that was a lot of fun to include him.  (Also, he's Jewish, so he's never picked out a tree from a lot period.  We've always had a fake one that we put together for our house.)  I ended up finding the perfect tree for where we're putting it this year... it's not too short but not too wide either.  Then, Eliot and Jeremy put it in the back of the truck and it came home with us!

The week after Thanksgiving, I had my final sewing class of the fall.  I've been pretty tight lipped about it on here, mostly for fear that I'd jinx us!  I was so disappointed when they had to cancel the spring class due to COVID.  It wasn't a sure thing, but we made it through all 8 classes without any hiccups!  I was happy with what I got done in the fall.  I worked more on my tote bags, cut a few pieces for more tote bags, and worked on a secret project!  I also finally cut into the first of my precious custom fabrics.

In December, I finally had a doctor's appointment.  I've been pushing it off, and it's been hard to make one with COVID, but I was finally able to get in for a new patient appointment with my new primary care physician.  Eliot and I will have the same doctor now.  The appointment went pretty smoothly, even though I had to go back a few days after for blood work.  I've never done that before and I was really nervous about it.  It was a little painful, but I made it through!  My arm was sore the entire afternoon, but thankfully we were ahead enough on orders that I could take the day off!

The weekend before this one, my Dad and Jeremy came to our house to help Eliot build some shelves in the basement.  (I should have taken before and after photos- although it's so dark down there that you wouldn't be able to see anyways!)  We knew we needed a better storage solution in the unfinished part of our basement, and these new shelves will definitely help!  We've got so much room for our holiday decorations now!  We just have to get some more lighting and we'll be in business!

Other than that, the only other big moments I can think of have been a few storms!  We had a wind storm a few weeks ago that knocked our power out for 16 hours.  Then, we had our first big Nor'easter storm last Thursday.  Eliot ended up taking the day off so we had time to work on orders.  We ended up with about 18 inches of snow so I'm glad he stayed home; plus, he had plenty of time to snow-blow the driveway!

It's definitely been busy even though we can't do too much due to COVID.  Eliot and I are hoping to have a bit of holiday fun this week.  Maybe we'll take a drive and look at Christmas lights?  We have a few items on our list that we need to purchase.  Then on Thursday, we are heading up to my parents' house for Christmas weekend!  My Mom told me that Daddy put out 21 inflatables by the road... so I'm excited to see that!

I'll be back with a Christmas update soon!  In the meantime, enjoy the holiday season, keep your spirits up, stay safe and continue looking for the everyday magic. °o°

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