Wednesday, December 23, 2020

The Making of a 2020 Christmas Card

In true 2020 fashion, it's the 23rd of December and Eliot and I still haven't taken our Christmas card photo yet.  Ever since we moved to our new house back in 2015, I've struggled to get them out for one reason or another.  The biggest obstacle is that it's our small businesses' busiest time of the year.  Our #1 priority in December is getting orders out... and I'm ok with that.  It's not that I haven't tried to send out cards.  

Last year, we actually had photos from two trips to Walt Disney World and our Disney Christmas Cruises, but we were away for so much of December that I wasn't able to get them ordered in time.  The first year we moved into our house, I actually took the time to write out all of the cards and order the photos... then I ran out of time trying to address them.  (I still have all of those cards... but they're useless at this point because some were for friends who have had kids since then.)  It's always bothered me that I haven't sent them, but my heart was in the right place.

I swore that I'd get them done this year.  In fact, I was in good shape as I had been planning to use one of our Disney cruise photos from last year.  It seemed like the perfect plan.  They were finished, Christmas-y and I'd have them done early.  

Of course, that was all before the coronavirus struck.  After the year we've all put in, using those photos as our Christmas cards felt depressing and wrong.  The Disney cruise ships haven't welcomed guests aboard since March... and it'll be at least until next March before they do so again.  I couldn't go with my original idea.

Which brings me back to square one.  I've had a ton of ideas, and none of them really felt right.  After we finally were finishing up on orders last week, my creativity started to flow again and I had an idea.  I've had a few friends take special 2020 photos that have been pretty entertaining, and my idea was more along those lines.

Last night, I went into town to get a bunch of supplies.  Now, I've got everything that I need.  Eliot and I are going to take the photo at my parents' house this weekend since we'll have someone to take it.  And I've spent the afternoon today working on one of the pieces that required a little bit of DIY crafting.  It's been nice to work on it while Hallmark Christmas movies play in the background.

Instead of mailing cards out, we're going to do it digitally online like many of my friends have been doing this week.  It's not the same, but it feels like it'll work for 2020.  

Check back on Christmas Day when I plan to do the reveal!  °o° 

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