Monday, May 15, 2023

Magical Merchandise: Torrid Disney Americana Collection

Happy Monday Friends!!!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  Eliot and I had a pretty busy one, but it was wonderful.  Today, I'm popping in with another new collection from Torrid.  This one snuck right by me, but thanks to my Disney Dress Shop groups on Facebook, I was made aware of this drop... and let me tell you, I was so pumped!

The past few years, they have released a few patriotic Disney pieces in May to prepare for summer.  I've bought a lot of it, but I've always hoped they would do more.  This year, Torrid completely surprised us with a full collection of Disney Americana items!  

I think the best part is that it isn't all red, white and blue, so you can wear it all summer long.  There are lots of Mickey pieces since he's an American icon himself.  Some of the patterns have stars and firework bursts so I think they could also be used for New Years Eve.  I'm so excited, but my wallet is crying.  Let's check it all out! 

This Mickey Mouse Sleeveless Halter Top is perfect for the 4th of July and for general summer wear.  I love the design with Mickey and starbursts all around him!

This Mickey & Friends Polo Shirt feels perfectly preppy with our favorite friends!

I love this fun Minnie & Daisy Stretch Button Up Shirt!  It's a great shade of red too.

This Minnie Mouse 3/4 Sleeve Sweater is subtle, but the "American Darling" Minnie Mouse embroidery on the front chest is really cute.

These Mickey and Friends Chambray Shortalls are perfect for a day at the parks!

I still haven't caved and bought a romper... but this Mickey and Friends Romper might just be the one that makes me try them out.  It's really cute and looks comfortable!

I am totally loving this Mickey Mouse Embroidery Midi Dress.  I love the pattern too!

The Mickey Mouse Chambray Bomber Jacket feels very America with a denim look.

These Mickey & Friends Shorts look comfortable... but they're also pretty short.

These Mickey Mouse Chambray Shorts have little Mickeys printed all over them.

I really love this Mickey Mouse Sweetheart Tank Blouse.  This piece in particular feels like it would work for 4th of July, watching fireworks at the parks and New Years Eve!

Finally, my absolute favorite piece from the Torrid Disney Americana Collection was this Mickey & Friends Fireworks Skater Skirt.  You all know that I'm a sucker for the holidays and this screams 4th of July.  It's red, white and blue, it has silhouettes of our favorite friends and it has fireworks... what more could you want?!?

I love so much of this collection and I definitely have my eye on a few things.  Thank goodness for my rewards points... because I think I'm gonna need them!  °o°

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