Saturday, May 13, 2023

On Top of the World

It's a beautiful sunshiny day.  The weather is gorgeous.  The birds are outside chirping and singing their joyful songs.  And I'm feeling on top of the world.

I've had a spectacular week.  Sure, I haven't gotten much cleaning done around the house.  There's a giant stack of dishes in our kitchen sink and I desperately need to do laundry.  I haven't checked tons of things off of my to do list.  Heck, at this point, I'm a few weeks behind in my blogging.  (If you like to read all of my posts, expect a giant post dump here at some point with posts from March, April and May.)

But still... I'm just feeling fine and fancy free.

Eliot and I just mailed out a giant stack of orders.  (We're talking over twenty products between both shops.)  Nowadays, it's not often that we're caught up on orders, or even dare I say... ahead.  We have been printing like crazy trying to stay on top of it in case one of my Key to the World Travel agent friends placed the larger order he inquired about for a conference that he's attending in June.  I've also been 3D printing like a maniac during the day when Eliot's been at work.  

Eliot jokes that I'm a crazy tyrant, but I get things done.  And now because of my incessant need to check and update our order list about 20 times a day, we're ahead on orders.  We're in such great shape that we have also started to print more samples of new designs... and nothing excites me like making new designs for our shops!

We finished our sewing class on Tuesday and I had the most productive session that I've had in quite a while.  (I'll post more about that in one of those blog dumps.)

We also just got both our federal and State of Maine tax refunds, so we've got a giant chunk of change in our bank accounts.  We're already budgeting it out so we can get necessities like oil and a new air conditioner.  But there will be plenty of money for fun things for the house like some shelves from IKEA, picture frames for our Disney art and other small products that I've been waiting to purchase.  Plus, this means that I'll finally be able to buy a few supplies for my new product ideas!

Things with our businesses, personal lives and the house are all in great shape.  The only downside of all the forward progress we've made with these is that I'm majorly behind in my blogging.  Years from now... you won't know it because the posts will be there and dated as if they always were.  But right now, I know that I'm behind in them.

Old blogging Melissa would have been having a fit at how far behind I am.  I would be feeling guilty and awful about myself for getting behind.  But 2023 Melissa is proud of all she's accomplished, and is excited for all of the steps we have taken to get to where we currently are with everything else.  Life is a balancing act, and while it's never easy, I'm getting a lot better at it.  And I'm also a lot better about allowing myself grace.

So I just had to pop in quickly while I was experiencing this high.  Hopefully, I'll have a lot to share with you soon.  I'll definitely be back to posting regularly as soon as I can be.  Once it's really hot, I won't be able to do much other than sit in front of the air conditioner working on my laptop anyways!  I'm sure I'll be caught back up in no time!

For now, I'm going to keep working on the house and all of these new samples that are scattered around in various stages of completion.  Have a great weekend friends!!!  °o°

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