Monday, May 8, 2023

Magical Merchandise: Torrid Little Mermaid Collection

We're only a few weeks away from one of the biggest movies of this summer!  I am so excited for the new live action Little Mermaid movie!!!  A few days ago, I showed you the Shop Disney and Disney Parks collection for the new movie.  Today, I'm back with the newest merchandise from one of my favorite places to shop for clothes... Torrid.

The release of the Disney live action movies always brings out tons of merchandise from that movie... both new and old versions.  This clothing collection is based off of the original 1989 animated film... and "it's what I live for."  So let's dive in!

I love this simple Mermaid Off Duty Tank.  It would be perfect for sunny summer days and to wear to the Disney Parks.

This Ursula Fishnet Top is fun with the fishnet detail on top.

I like this Ursula Dress and how it includes Flotsam and Jetsam!

They also have this Little Mermaid Mesh T-Shirt Dress.  I love the colors in the mesh mermaid patterned overlay and it looks like it would be comfortable.

If you're looking for comfort, these Ursula Pajamas are another great option.  The top and shorts are sold separately so you can mix and match with your other loungewear.

I also really like this Flounder and Sebastian Bodysuit.  I have a few Torrid bodysuits and they're actually really comfortable.  (I wasn't sure how they'd fit.)  I like how this is simple black and white and the characters almost look sketched onto it.

These Flounder and Sebastian Denim Shorts are another way to carry your favorite sidekicks with you.  These shorter than what I usually wear, but the graphics are cute!

Finally, this Little Mermaid Chiffon Button Up Blouse was my favorite piece from the collection.  I love the blue, aqua and purple shades in it.  It's chiffon and definitely see through, so if I get it, I'll just have to figure out what to pair it with!

And that's all that they have released so far.  There might be more coming items, but I was definitely excited to see this stuff!  Now the only question is if I order anything.  As Ursula said, "Life's full of tough choices, isn't it?"  °o°

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