Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Registration for RunDisney Virtual Disney 100 Summer Races

Another day, another RunDisney race to sign up for!  This morning was the registration for the RunDisney Virtual Summer Series of 5K races... and since this year's medals are themed to the Disney 100 Celebration, I was certainly not missing out on those!  

I love doing the virtual races, and I've signed up for quite a few of them.  We haven't actually walked all of them, but I've set my medals aside so I can earn them before I hang them up.  Eliot doesn't see the point in signing up for the races since he likes the in person events.  But as someone who can't do more than a 10K, I find it motivating to push myself more at home.  I think virtual races are great.  Plus, by signing up for the 2023 virtual marathon, I made sure that I walked those 26.2 miles to earn it while I was at Disney World back in January.  (Compared to that, these three 5Ks are nothing!)

At about 9:45 AM, I got on the website to start waiting for registration to open.  Sign ups for virtual races usually aren't too big of a hassle.  The waiting room kept telling me that I had between 2 and 4 (and 2 and 4 and 2 and 4) minutes left as it bounced back and forth between those times.  Then, out of nowhere I was ready to enter at 9:53... but the race didn't even officially gone on sale until 10 AM.

I was puzzled, and then I promptly got kicked back to the main page.  At that point, it wouldn't let me click any of the registration links.  I opened Chrome and got into that line... that was "recalculating" forever.  After a panicked phone call to Eliot, it was 10 AM and the original webpage on my Safari opened directly to log me into my account.

Less than 4 minutes later, I was registered for the 2023 RunDisney Virtual Challenge!

It was a relief to be registered after those 10-15 minutes of confusion.  Afterwards, I gathered my stuff to go out to the truck.  On the way to class, I called Eliot to let him know that I was all set and that he could close the registration waiting room webpage he had opened.  I was a few minutes late to sewing class again, but it was worth it!

So now, Eliot and I are doing all of the Disney 100 themed Virtual RunDisney Summer 5K Races.  (I signed myself up, but we do them together and share the medals.)  The three individual themes are Sorcerer Mickey for June, Steamboat Willie for July and Runaway Railway Mickey for August.  Then, when you do the challenge and complete all three of those races, you also get a special Disney 100 medal with Mickey and Minnie in their Disney 100 Celebration outfits (if you signed up for the challenge).

We probably won't get the medals until August, but I'm still excited.  We sometimes try to dress up for these, so I might try to Disneybound as Mickey for them.  Eliot and I usually just go on a walk around Witch Hole Pond since that's about 3 miles, but maybe we'll switch it up this year.  We could go on the Eastern Trail that we haven't walked on for years now, or maybe we'll find a new place to explore!

No matter where Eliot and I do our 5Ks, I'm sure we'll have a swell time!  °o°

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