Thursday, April 6, 2023

Nana's First Birthday in Heaven

Today is a bittersweet day... it's Nana's birthday and the first one that we'll ever have to celebrate without her here with us.  But I wanted to make today as positive as I could.  

I had a huge Throwback Thursday post that I wanted to write about so many of the memories we have of Nana, but I've decided to wait to post it.  It's not done, and it's not something that I want to rush.  So you'll see it someday... but today isn't that day.

Instead, I'm honestly just trying to spend this day the best way I can... getting through it.  Eliot and I will be on our way down to Boston later today.  Then, we'll have a few days away from the house and the businesses.  We have got a lot of stuff planned to keep me busy and my mind elsewhere- and I'm incredibly grateful for that.

Happy First Birthday in Heaven Nana.  We miss you terribly, but I'm happy that you're with Papa again.  Have a slice of peanut butter frosted chocolate cake for me.  °o°

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