Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Our First Sea Dogs Game of the 2023 Season

Take me out to the ballgame... 

Hi friends!  I wasn't planning to pop in, but I figured I'd hop over to share a quick tidbit; today, Eliot and I are going to our first Portland Sea Dogs game of the 2023 season!

It's hard to believe that we only went to our first ever Sea Dogs game back in July of last year.  Eliot and I have been to a quite a few since then, but we've obviously never gone so early in the season!  A few weekends ago, we sat down to go over the 2023 promotional schedule and to see if there were certain games we wanted to attend.  We picked out about 18 games that interested us... the first one being tonight!

Eliot bought our tickets back on April 5th when the Sea Dogs had a sale on general admission tickets for "A Dime A Degree".  It was 49° out at 9:00 am that morning, so all of the general admission tickets sold that day were only $4.90.  Eliot bought tickets to a few of the games we had our sights set on, but he didn't go too crazy.

There are a good mix of games throughout the season that Eliot and I are planning to attend.  We don't have any marked down for May yet, but we've got a lot going on that month anyways.  There are a bunch of games in June, July, August and September though.  We basically looked at the different nights and "themes" and figured out which ones that we wanted to try to attend.  We might not make it to all the ones we marked, and we'll probably go to some that we didn't originally circle, but that's ok!

Tonight's theme was to celebrate the 30th Season of the Portland Sea Dogs, so we thought this would be a good one to start the season off.  They're wearing their retro teal jerseys- which we always love.  (You know we love teal.)  We're not sure how it will be going to a game this early in the season.  The temperature at the start will be 53° at 6:00... but it's supposed to get down to 46° at 9:00.  We're planning to dress warm, bundle up, bring hats & gloves, and have a blanket with us to cover our legs.

So, it's the start to our first full season as Portland Sea Dogs fans!  Eliot and I are looking forward to having a lot of fun watching them this summer!  Go Sea Dogs!!!  °o°

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