Saturday, April 1, 2023

Let’s Get Down To Business

Happy first day of April everyone!  Today might be April Fools Day according to the calendar, but there are no jokes about it.  It's time to get down to business.

The past few months have been a struggle and I've lacked a desire to do much.  I've rode out the emotional rollercoaster of losing Nana and seasonal depression.  Then, Eliot and I actually spent most of March sick so we didn't get too much done.  Now that both of us are finally feeling better and my motivation is coming back, I've come to the realization that it's already April.  I feel like I've wasted my winter months... and I feel a very strong need to make forward progress, so that's how I'm going to spend my April.

I know, I know, I've said this before.  But this time, I really need to mean it.  There's so much that needs to get done.  My to do list is constantly getting longer.  Besides, our consistent warm weather is still a few weeks away, so there's time to get ahead on some of these things before I want to spend more of my time outside!

My main focus is going to be on the house.  Eliot and I have made some progress the past few months.  But I want to push that even farther forward.  I've got too many projects to list, but I'm feeling good about being able to make progress at this point.

I'm also hoping to make some progress with our businesses.  I've said it all time and again- so I won't list everything out... but as you already know, I'm hoping to get some new products into development.  I also need to clear my worktable off and get a few of these old samples finished.  I think finishing some of the unfinished projects will both physically and mentally make room for the new stuff.  I'm sure it'll be exciting!

Of course, all of this means that I probably won't be hanging out around here much... but that's ok!  As much as I love writing, and I can't seem to keep myself away from my blog (even when I try to), I really need to get these other things done.

I won't be gone completely either.  I still have to get caught back up on old posts.  I said that I was going to do that in March but then I wrote a bunch of new ones.  So I really need to get myself focused this month!  I have posts from earlier this year and a few more for last year that I'd really like to get done before I start to focus on new things around here.  I've got some new segments and things that I'd like to introduce, so it's time to finish and release the old stuff so I can start to focus on new stuff!

I'm feeling really good about this decision and forcing myself to shift my focus for this month.  Hopefully, I'll come back next month feeling accomplished after making some progress!  Plus, maybe I'll get some projects done for our house and new designs for the businesses that I can share here at a later date when I have time!

Let’s Get Down To Business!  °o°

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