Monday, April 3, 2023

Magical Merchandise: Online Easter Finds

Happy Monday friends!  The sun is shining bright, the birds are chirping outside my window and spring is in the air.   Ok, so it's still pretty cold here in Maine, with the high temperatures only reaching the mid to upper 40°s today, but you get my drift.  Spring is trying to be sprung free from the confines of winter, and I'm all about it.

I found a few spare minutes so I'm actually stopping by in real time for once, and I had a few quick products that I wanted to share with you for Merchandise Monday!  March was all about Disney 100 products.  Today, I thought I'd switch gears and share some fun finds for Easter.  (I can't believe it's next Sunday, but here we are!)  It's probably too late to buy this stuff to get it in time for this holiday, but you might find some great deals and ideas for next year!  Let's check out what I came across!

Shop Disney

Shop Disney usually has a few items for Easter each year.  (There probably was more to select from a few weeks ago, but there are still a few items that caught my eye.)  As you all know, I'm always a sucker for the plushies.  They're so soft and cuddly!

They still have the Winnie the Pooh Plush with Easter Bunny ears.

There are also some Stitch Plush available!  He's so cute!

The other thing that "hopped" out at me were these Bunny Minnie Mouse Ears.  They have Easter Bunny ears, a little pink pom pom nose, and images of a few of our favorite Disney bunnies on the pattern!

Hot Topic

Somewhere you wouldn't expect to find Easter merchandise is Hot Topic.  While the store itself doesn't usually have much on display, online they have a pretty extensive collection of t-shirts you can get printed.  They had a ton of Star Wars designs so I picked a few of my favorites.  First, we have this Stormtroopers Hoppy Easter shirt.

This Star Wars "Gal-eggsy" Shirt make me chuckle out loud.

I also liked this Stormtrooper Shirt with bunny ears!

I thought this Winnie the Pooh Easter Shirt was adorable.

This Happy Easter Shirt was another fun one with Mickey, Donald and Goofy.

The Sensational Six are on this shirt as Easter Eggs.

My favorite shirt was this Happy Easter Thumper & Miss Bunny Shirt.

They also had these Mickey and Minnie Mouse Easter Inflatables!

Finally, I'm also also a sucker for the Inflatable Airdorables.  These are so cute!!!


Finally, the store with the best selection of fun Disney Easter merchandise was actually Kohl's.  They have had a lot of great holiday home decor items lately from Halloween, to Christmas, to St. Patrick's Day.  I found a few items for Easter that I thought were really cute!  First, we have this Mickey Mouse & Friends Happy Easter Wall Decor.

The photos on the website leave a lot of be desired, but this Mickey Mouse Easter Table Decor is really cute.  (I've seen a few photos of him from people online and he's really cute when you actually see him from a better angle!)

I really love this Mickey Mouse Decorative Egg Table Decor.  I just wish that they made a matching Minnie Mouse design as well...

Finally, my favorite Easter item was this "So Eggcited" Mickey Throw Pillow.  Eliot and I have a pretty big collection of holiday pillows, but I don't have any for Easter yet... 

I was pleasantly surprised to see this much stuff!  Easter never gets the amount of Disney holiday products that it should, but each year I do see more of it!  This year was a pretty good mix!  Which is your favorite?  °o°

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