Sunday, April 9, 2023

Easter 2023

Happy Easter!!!  Part of me is still completely shocked that we are far enough into this year that it's already Easter, but that seems to be par for the course lately.

Easter is always a weird holiday for us as adults.  When Jeremy and I were kids, Mom and Dad used to make it special for us.  We used to have Easter basket hunts and make Easter eggs.  As adults, the holiday weekend always seems to sneak up on me before I know it.  I'm always left trying to find something to do to make it feel special and that's difficult since most things are closed.

Thankfully, this year, I didn't have to try too hard.  For months, Eliot and I have known that the Maine Mariners have a home game this afternoon.  We bought our tickets a few months ago since it's a giveaway game and we were afraid it might sell out.  So this year on Easter, we'll be watching some afternoon Mariners hockey!

I'm not sure if we'll be doing anything else since we're still pretty tired from our Boston trip.  We will probably try to pick up some food on the way home if we can find a restaurant that's open.  (Jeremy didn't make the trip up because we already saw him while we were down in Boston for our getaway weekend.)  We'll probably pop a movie on and relax, but that sounds wonderful to me.  It will be the perfect way to unwind after a busy weekend and get ready to slide back into the work week.

Whatever you're doing today, I hope that you also have a wonderful day!

HavA HappEaster°o°

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