Monday, April 10, 2023

Magical Merchandise: Joey Chou Disney Parks Collection

Happy Monday Everyone!  I hope that you had a wonderful holiday weekend.  Eliot and I had a great long weekend and really enjoyed ourselves down in Boston!

Today, we're taking a peek at a new collection that just dropped this morning over on Shop Disney.  Some of these items started showing up at the parks over the past week, but it was all released online earlier today at 3:00 AM.  Eliot and I didn't stay up for the drop, but I was anxious to check everything out this morning!

You might recall that Disney released the Jerrod Maruyama Home Collection last year around this same time.  At the time, the collaboration of a full product collection with one of their Disney artists was a newer concept.  You can imagine how excited I was when I discovered that they had done it again... this time with artist Joey Chou!

Joey has a completed different style than Jerrod, and I love this about art.  Eliot and I are fans of both artists.  I loved how Jerrod's designs were more cute and cartoony in nature.  Joey's designs are similar in that they're park characters, attractions and icons, but the style of the characters is totally different.  And I love the colors he chose!

The other big difference is that this isn't just a home collection.  The Joey Chou Disney Parks Collection has items for the kitchen, but it also has clothing and accessories!

So before I keep gushing about it, let's just dive in and check everything out!

We're starting off small with this adorable little Disney Parks Pin.

There's also a Mickey and Minnie Fantasyland Pin.

If you're into puzzles, this Disney Parks Puzzle looks like a fun challenge!

Now we're switching gears to the kitchen stuff.  I really love this Disney Parks Drinkware Set and how it features different park attractions!

The Disney Parks Pitcher is perfect to fill your cups with some magic!

The Disney Parks Melamine Bowl Set matches the cups perfectly!

There's also a Disney Parks Melamine Plate Set.  I think these would be perfect for serving plates as well as decorative plates for the wall.  (Thinking gears are turning...)

I would really love using this Disney Parks Mug as a way to start off the day!

And you can use all of these dishes when you have a picnic using the Disney Parks Picnic Blanket!  This blanket looks warm and the turquoise blue nylon side would be perfect to keep you dry if the ground is a little bit damp.  It even has a little bag!

If you'd rather use your picnic blanket to cuddle up and lounge around on the couch, you can do it in these matching Disney Parks Adult Sleep Pants.

The Disney Parks T-Shirt for Kids has a really cute design on it.  I wish it was also available in adult sizes!

I love this Disney Parks Dress for Girls.  (I'm having little girl dress envy again.)

There's also a cute Disney Parks Polo Shirt for Kids that I'm sure Eliot would love in his size... especially since it has Space Mountain and Stitch on it!

The Disney Parks Pullover Sweatshirt for Kids is really cute with the train graphics.

I am obsessed with this Disney Parks Denim Jacket for Adults.  I must get one!

I'm also 100% in love with the Disney Parks Spirit Jerseys.  I love the colors, the style of the characters and placement, and it has glittery white text!!!  Love!

The Disney Parks Woven Shirt for Men is really cute and is perfect for Eliot.

I also like the Disney Parks Reversible Bucket Hat!  Check out both sides!

Naturally, there is a Disney Parks Ear Headband in the collection.

And of course there's a Disney Parks Loungefly Backpack!  It's love at first sight!!!

The Disney Parks Dooney and Burke Satchel is a gorgeous purple with icons on it.

There's also a matching Disney Parks Dooney and Burke Wallet.

Finally, I've saved the best for last yet again.  The first thing that hinted at the collection was the Disney Parks Dooney and Burke Tote bag on display in a store about a week or so ago.  (I saw someone post a photo in one of my Facebook groups.)  It was very well received and it's already sold out online, but it should still be available in the parks!

What do you think?  I am 100% in love with pretty much all of it.  Hopefully things will stick around so Eliot and I will be able to grab them once we get our tax refund!  I've got my eye on all of the kitchen stuff as well as the jacket, Loungefly Bag, bucket hat, Spirit Jersey and the button down for Eliot!  I just wish they had also made a matching dress for women.  However, Joey Chou himself posted a link to the collection and he did say that more was to come.... so, a girl can hope!!!  °o°

All photos from Shop Disney and the Disney Parks Blog.

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