Friday, April 7, 2023

A Boston Getaway

Happy Friday Friends!  I'm just popping in really quick to let you know that Eliot and I are away this weekend for our quick Boston getaway.  We actually left Maine yesterday and are spending all of today and tomorrow in the city or the Boston area!

It's been a while since we visited the city.  As many of you already know, Boston is our home away from home as it's where we both went to college.  Even after college, Eliot and I used to go into the city often when we still lived in Woburn.  But ever since we moved up to Maine in late 2012, we haven't been down as much.

However, we're still not super far away.  It's less than two hours to get down there from our house... making it the perfect spot for a weekend getaway!

I'm really excited about this trip and I've been looking forward to it.  I've kind of been dreading Nana's first birthday since we lost her back in January.  I've always known that I wanted to do something special on April 6th in her memory.  Then, it worked out perfectly since Eliot has today off from work for Good Friday.

We'll be spending the weekend enjoying some of our old haunts as well as trying something new.  We don't have everything completely planned, but we are hoping to visit the New England Aquarium.  We haven't been there since we went with Sara and Elissa back over Thanksgiving weekend in 2016.  

Eliot and I are also thinking about potentially going on a Boston Duck Tour.  We love those and we always have fun on them.

We've got something new and Disney related as we're planning to go to the Disney Animation Immersive Experience that I told you about.

We might take some time to walk the Freedom Trail or part of it.  I used to walk it all the time when I lived in the city.  Plus, Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall are both on it.  I'd love to swing by Quincy Market for lunch and there's so much to pick from!

Finally, as I mentioned when Timo Meier got traded to the Devils, the Bruins play New Jersey Saturday night.  We've been watching ticket prices since then.  I had every intention of going, but right now the tickets are really expensive.  Like, over $200 for the nosebleed seats and about $700-$900 a seat for something close to the ice.  I was hoping that prices might drop the closer we got to the game, but at this point, we're not sure what we'll be doing.  If we can't get decently priced tickets, Eliot and I will probably try to find a restaurant where we can have dinner and watch the game on television.

So things are still a little bit up in the air.  Plus, we haven't completely planned the entire weekend since we figure that we'll go with the flow.  Sometimes, you stumble across things you didn't know about.  Or we might even visit Wentworth since neither of us have been on campus in years.  I guess we'll see how it all turns out! 

Regardless, I'm sure it will be a great getaway!  Have a wonderful weekend!  °o°

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