Monday, April 17, 2023

Magical Merchandise: Disney Princess Sequin Loungefly Collection

Happy Marathon Monday!  Today we're having a cool, rainy and dreary day here in New England.  It's one of those gray days when it's kind of depressing and you just want to cuddle up on the couch.  Instead, I figured I would fight against the 'blah' with something sparkly and fun!  I had no idea what I wanted to write about for Magical Merchandise Monday, but when I got thinking about it, this was the perfect idea! 

At this point, I'm sure that you've caught on to my Loungefly obsession.  Starting in June of last year, Loungefly has been releasing a Disney Princess Sequin Collection featuring all twelve of the official Disney Princesses.  (Obviously, shiny, sparkly and princesses was right up my alley.)  I've been buying them and patiently waiting to share this post when the collection was complete.  Loungefly just released the last bag in the collection two weeks ago on April 3rd and mine came in the mail the other day.

The bags are absolutely beautiful.  I'm already a sucker for any of their sequin bags, but the fact that these were all princess themed completely sold me.  The details on them are perfect and they definitely resemble each Disney Princess.  Each bag also had a matching wallet.  (I didn't buy all of the wallets, but I did get a few that I liked.)

As for the bags, I have all of them except Tiana and Mulan.  I made a grave error when Tiana didn't sell out right away.  I thought that I'd have another day or two to purchase her, and I was waiting to get paid from Etsy.  But in the meantime, she ended up selling out and I missed her.  The bag is still online with a "Notify Me" button, so most people assume that they might restock her, but I'm skeptical as to if that's real or a website malfunction.  (I'm still signed up either way though- just in case!)  And Mulan has been sitting there like a few of the other bags so I was trying to wait to buy her (and a few of the holiday bags) until we got our tax refund.

Of the entire collection, Rapunzel is my favorite.  She's my favorite princess anyways, and the one that I relate to the most, so that's probably not a surprise.  However, the bag was so gorgeous that it was love at first sight.  I love how they included the floral pattern of her skirt on the bag.  In fact, I loved it so much, that I begged Jeremy to order an extra for me so I can use it without worry about it getting ruined!

The only disappointment was the Snow White bag.  It doesn't bother me too much, but a lot of people were really upset that they changed the location of the tag on the last bag.  The entire collection has the plaque at the center under the bow, and then they moved the Snow White one.  I understand that they didn't want to cover her collar, but it's unfortunate they made this design decision on the last bag in the collection.  (A girl in one of my Facebook groups moved hers and it still looked fine.)

I can't wait to display this gorgeous collection in our master bedroom.  I've decided to hang two shelves in my vanity area and I'm planning to put this collection on one of the shelves.  (Then, the other one can house my Cinderella and Rapunzel bags!)  I'm so excited to see them once they're all displayed together!

If you're interested in this collection, most of them are sold out online, but you might be able to find a personal shopper to pick them up from one of the Funko Stores.  (Or you can spend lots of money to get them on the secondary market... what I might end up doing just to get my hands on Tiana.)  However, Loungefly is doing a giveaway from now through April 21st over on their Instagram account to celebrate hitting one million followers.  They're giving away an entire set of these to one lucky person!

I don't know about you, but these sparkly gems definitely brightened my day!  °o°

All photos taken from Loungefly's website and their Facebook account.

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