Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Happy Birthday BJ!

Today is our wonderful friend BJ's 30th Birthday!

BJ has been one of Eliot's and my very best friends since Eliot and I started dating back in early 2008.  I had met BJ a few times through mutual friends, but we all really connected the night that he met Eliot.  Long story short, my best friend Katie and BJ were visiting Boston the weekend of our college's annual end of the year ball.  Eliot was my date and Katie and BJ went together as friends.  We spent a wonderful evening together eating, dancing and laughing on the cruise ship around Boston Harbor.  Katie and BJ weren't sure what they'd think of my new boyfriend, but thankfully we all hit it off and have been the closest of friends ever since that night.

BJ is also my go to Disney nut if there's something that I need advice on.  He's also been a giant fan of the mouse as long as he can remember.  Obviously, we're all one big happy Disney nerd fest when we're together.  (But that's the way we like it.)  A few years ago, BJ found his one true love, also named Katie, and she also loves Disney.  And my best friend Katie thankfully puts up with all of us!

Today, BJ is celebrating the end of his 20's and the beginning of his 30's in the best possible way... at Disneyland!!!

A few months ago when Happily Ever Hatter was in it's earliest stages, his wife Katie asked me if I would make him a custom ear hat to wear on their trip!  BJ loves Mickey, so I knew that we had to make it Mickey colored.  He had also really liked this logo from Toyko Disney's 30th Anniversary celebration.

Photo Source: Disney Parks Blog
After some design ideas back and forth with Katie, we settled on a concept and I went to work.  She was also making matching t-shirts with the logo, so we wanted to make sure that everything was cohesive.  And because I couldn't help myself, I made matching Minnie inspired party hat headbands for Katie and Amanda, a friend who is traveling with them.  I absolutely love how they all came out!  (I love them so much that now I'm brainstorming a hat design for my 30th birthday!)

On Saturday, we met up with BJ, Katie, Amanda and BJ's family to give him his ear hat and to wish them a great vacation in California!  BJ knew about me making the custom hat, but I was still anxious to see his face when he opened it and saw it.  He loved it!

We hope you have a magical birthday BJ!  And don't forget to tell Mickey I say hi!!!  °o°

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