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WDW Honeymoon Recap- 3/25/13

On Monday we went to Blizzard Beach.  The weather was beautiful and we were dying to go swimming again.  When we got to the park, we saw a familiar face!  We've never gotten a picture with a character at one of the water parks before!  Goofy was happy to join us.  Aren't we cute in our matching Blizzard Beach shirts?

Eliot and I also took a few photos near the entrance since we didn't have a water camera. We spent the morning and early afternoon at the park.  We floated in Cross Country Creek- the lazy river, went on Teamboat Springs- the family raft ride, and we raced down the Toboggan Racers.  Eliot loves skiing, so naturally he loves the theme of this park. Blizzard Beach has always been one of my favorites at Disney. (It's probably the Mainer in me... although after all the snow this winter I'm definitely ok with the fake stuff.)

Once we were done with the rides, we took the chairlift up to the top of Summit Plummet and took some photos on the patio area near the water slide.  It was a great view of the entire water park!  You could even see Hollywood Studios in the distance!

We left Blizzard Beach and went back to Pop Century to shower and relax for a little bit. (And we may or may not have been doing the Macarena on the bus ride back to the resort...)  Then, we got ready to go over to Hollywood Studios for the evening.  It was getting colder so I decided to wear my Disney Bride sweatshirt.  We had made it for our wedding and I never got to wear it since it was so warm in September.  I thought it was still appropriate for our honeymoon and I'm glad I brought it!

We arrived at Hollywood Studios around dinner time and took a few pictures with the Sorcerer Hat before heading for warmth.  

We ended up in One Man's Dream and wandering around it for a while.  Neither Eliot or I had ever been there before and we loved it.  We read all about Walt Disney's life, how he created Mickey, designed Disneyland and planned Walt Disney World.

I especially loved all of the models on display.  It's the interior designer in me.  I know how long it takes to make a model having made plenty myself while in college.  It takes a lot of time to make a half decent model so the incredibly detailed ones in the exhibit must have taken forever.  I took tons of photos of them.  My favorites were the castles.  Here's the Sleeping Beauty Castle model.

And of course, here's Cinderella Castle.

The other models that I fell in love with were the New Fantasyland models.  

We stopped for a while to look at the giant New Fantasyland model.  It was really fun to see the Seven Dwarfs ride since it was still in early construction.

I also loved the Journey of the Little Mermaid ride model.  It really reminded me of all of the interior models I had to make in college.  Those little clamshells were so cute!  And the details in the Under the Sea room were incredible.  Much respect Disney Imagineers.

After that, we went over to watch The Voyage of the Little Mermaid show.  I hadn't seen it in many trips and Eliot hadn't ever seen it at all.  As soon as the bubbles started falling and the lights began to mimic the ocean above it brought me right back to my childhood.  I was mesmerized by the show when I was a kid.  It was definitely fun to see it again.

At that point, we decided to head over towards Fantasmic to get seats.  We stopped to take a few photos at the Hollywood Studios sign along the way.

Fantasmic is Eliot's favorite Disney show and it's definitely one of mine.  (I probably couldn't pick a favorite even if I wanted to.)  Eliot loves the show so much that he walked down the aisle at our wedding to the Fantasmic theme music.

We enjoyed the show as we always do.  No matter how many times I see Fantasmic, it always amazes me.  Who would have ever thought of projecting on water fountains? Only Disney.  It's incredible.  

After the show ended, we slowly made our way back to the front of the park.  We took another photo at the Sorcerer Hat.  Here's the PhotoPass bedazzled border version.  (I love the borders you can add... I'm an addict!)

And that was the end of day number three of our Disneymoon!  °o°

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